The Lost Castle

November 13, 2016

Most people think being born into a noble family means a life of comfort and wealth. That could be further from the truth for Shuurei Kou. Despite the Kou family being rich and important bloodline, they get to hard times and good times. Shuurei's father works as an archivist in the Imperial library, which is a prestigious position, but unfortunately not one that pays much because he was a very lazy person. To do something useful and not just stay in one place being bored, Shuurei works odd jobs such as teaching young children, playing live music in a restaurant and being a receptionist in the red district.

“Hahahahahahahaha” Kou laughed as she listened to the small kids in the little school arguing about what they wanna be.
“What’s so funny?” Kou stares at this little boy and says, “Nothing, I am just laughing at the fact that you little ones are talking about what you guys wanna be or do when you grow up and you have a very long long long long time to think about it. I mean you are still kids. You should be playing, but here you are talking about what to be.” Kou replied to the little boy that no one really knew. He was kind of mysteries. He never told them his name. So everyone called him Lars. Not even Kou knew his name. So she had no choice but to call him Lars. 
Lars didn’t care what they called him, he only had one thing on his mind. He was just thinking about it when Kou called him. And without thinking he said, “I want to marry you when I grow up, so don’t marry anyone else until then.” He covered his mouth and looked anywhere but at Kou. Kou just stared at Lars and said, “Ok, I will wait for you.” while chuckling. He smiled a happy smile.
“I will see you later, I have to go to my new job” Kou says looking at the small kids. Then off she goes to her other job. Kou is 18 years old. She is a princess in the Castle. But she wears middle class clothes so that nobody knows she is actually from the Castle. Some people might know like her friends and family. Or a spy from the enemy side.
“Hey, we gotta go” came a voice behind Kou. Kou turned around and saw Seiran. Ryu’s big brother that nobody knows about. Only the two brothers know that they are brothers.
“What, where are we going?” Kou says making the face that says I am not interested. Seiran pretended he didn’t see that or he was just ignoring me. Because he just grabbed Kou and pulled her while they walked towards the Castle.
“Nooooooooo”  screamed Kou. Acting like a small child.
“Come on, Kou” Seiran says.
“Fine, Fine. Can you just let me go please.” Kou says. Seiran lets go and they walk silently toward the castle. Once they they got to the Castle Kou said, “I am going to my room” Seiran said, “Ok, I will be in the library.” With that they went their separate ways.
Kou changed into her clothes. She looked beautiful with the clothes she was wearing. She walked out to head to the kitchen to make some snack for everyone that worked hard. When she bumped into someone.
“Oww” said the guy that Kou bumped into.
“I am really sorry about that, I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Kou quickly picked up her snacks that she made for the hard workers. Then this guy bumped into me. What is wrong with this guy, because of him my poor hard workers are gonna be hungry. Are the snacks ok. Thought Kou. While giving the guy a glare. Kou looked at the snacks she made, she slowly lifted the lid and was thankful that nothing happened to it. Phew, it looks fine. Thank goodness!!! She looks up and sees that the guy is staring at her.
“Is there something in my face, oh no am I drooling.” she quickly feels her face. Thankfully there was nothing on her face.
“Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha” laughed the mysteries weird guy. He fall to the floor and grabbed his stomach. “Oh my goodness, that was the most fun I had in one day.” he says getting up. He looks at Kou and quickly stops laughing. She looked like she was about to jump on him and punch him a million times.
“Haha very funny dude.” Kou says getting irritated. Kou couldn’t take it anymore. She ignored what he said and started to walk away. After some time she stopped walking and looked back. Phew, I hope I lost him, who was that guy anyways or a girl. Was that a girl or a guy.
Kou continued to walk, when suddenly “hey, wait, I didn’t ask your name” Why does this guy have to be so persistent. She stopped and turned around.
“What do you want? I have somewhere to be.” Kou says getting irritated and frustrated. She was ready to punch this guy and walk away.
“What’s your name?” this stranger says.
“Why don’t you tell me who you are maybe then I will tell you who I am?” Kou gives a huge backfire. How’s that sucker. Kou thought.
“My name is Ryuuki Shi. You can call me Ryu for short. All my friends does.” Kow stared at this Ryuuki and started to walk away.
“Hey wait, I told you my name now tell me yours, I won’t let you go until you tell me your name or I will call you sis.” 
Kou was getting more and more irritated every moment this guy spoke. “My name is Shuurei Kou. You can call me Kou. Everyone else does.” With that she walked away. Ryu followed after her.
“So, where are you going with all that food.”
“To give to my friends and family.”
“Oh, can I have some too” Ryu says with a puppy face.
“Just one”
“Yes, victory is mine, hahaha” Kou looked at Ryu like he just grew 2 heads.
“Um I think not.”
Kou ignored Ryu and walked inside. Ryu said his bye to Kou and he also left wherever he came from. The food got eaten by everyone. They had a good time. The food was delicious.
Years past, there was fun times and bad times.

“Hi, Kou.” Ryu says.
“Why are you here? Kou says looking surprised.
“You will find out.” Ryu said.
“Oh.” Kou looked like she was ready to punch Ryu. But she didn’t. She controlled herself. She wanted to find out why Ryu was here. But she had to be formal because that’s how princess’s have to behave like.
“Bye, I will see you soon” Ryu says and leaves Kou. She was going to find out why Ryu was here. She quietly follows Ryu. Ryu goes to where Shuuei, Kouyuu and Seiran. They talked about some things and started laughing, then they got serious and started talking about something. There eyes went cold ice and their fists were getting white or pink. Kou wondered what they were talking about. When she was about to walk a little bit closer to hear better, she heard someone calling her name.
“Kou, where are you? It is time for the ceremony to happen.”
“What ceremony?” Kou says coming around a corner.
“What are you doing?” says Kourin. Kou’s personal maid.
“Um, nothing” says Kou. Kourin was suspicious about Kou.
“We have to get you ready, there is a ceremony today, remember you need a protector.” Kourin says.
“Why do I need a protector?” Kou says being stubborn.
“Whatever, just come.” Kourin says pulling Kou to her room and after she was ready, she came out.
Ryu, Kouyuu, Shuuei and Seiran were walking, suddenly Ryu stops, right in front of him was the most beautiful girl. At first he didn’t know who it was. It was Kou. Then he sees that it is Kou and blushes.
“Oh my, oh me, look at Ryu blushing as red as a to-ma-to” says Shuuei. Trying not to laugh. Kouyuu and Seiran laughs and laughs until they couldn’t take it anymore, they hold their stomach as they fall to the ground and laughed harder.
“Haha very funny” says Ryu getting embarrassed.
“Why are you guys here?” says Kou staring at them like they just came out of the mud puddle.
“No time to talk, Mrs. Kou. We have to go.” Kourin takes Kou to the meeting room. Everyone was there. Kou’s father, Eigetsu, Ryuuren, Reihan (a weider) and other people. Kourin pulls Kou inside and she goes and sits in the chair.
“Here comes Shuurei Kou” everyone claps as Kou walks in and sits on the chair. Ryu comes in alone. Kou sees Kouyuu, Shuuei, and Seiran came near the side of the throne.
This tiny elder comes to the front and says “Shuurei Kou needs a protector, thus this man will protect Shuurei Kou with his life.Are you willing to do this Ryuuki Shi.”
“Yes, I will protect Kou- I mean Shuurei Kou with my life.”
“Then come over here and take this sword as a protector.” Ryu goes to where the tiny elder was and kneels in front of him and stays still until the elder gives him his very own sword. Once Ryu got his sword, the ceremony was over.
10 years later.
“Kou, wait up” Ryu says as Kou walks toward the gate.
“I said wait” Ryu says. Kou stops and stares at Ryu.
“What, I need to go. Can I please go” Kou says getting mad.
“Where are you going dressed like that?”
“I am going to my music school, I am teaching kids how to play and read music.”
“But why are you wearing that?”
“Because I want to. Now can I go” Kou says.
“Um yeah sure, but-”
“BUT WHAT!!!” Kou yells.
“Um, can I come with you” Ryu says.
Ryu had protected Kou for 10 years but nothing happened yet. No danger nothing. Ryu was getting bored.
“Are we there yet” whines Ryu.
“No, we barely left the castle, look behind you” Kou says pointing behind her. Ryu turns around and sees that they actually haven’t left the castle yet. They were barely out of the gate.
“Oh, I knew that, let’s go.” Ryu says. They walk quietly.
After like 20 minutes of walking, Ryu starts to whine again,
“Are you there yet”
“No, we still aren’t near there.” Kou says getting irritated.
“Where are we going anyway?” Ryu ask getting suspicious. Kou couldn’t take it anymore. 
“We are gonna go to the place I teach music.” Kou says suddenly smiling.
“Oh.” was the only thing Ryu could say as he looked at Kou’s beautiful face as she smiled.
“We are here.” Kou says. She looks at Ryu and sees that he has become a statue. So she tries again but this time says it louder.
“WE ARE HERE” Kou screams in Ryu’s ear. That seemed to work because Ryu held his ear and said, “Why did you have to yell in my ear, damn it.”
“Sorry, I had no other choice. You looked like a statue.” Kou says. Ryu and Kou walk inside the building. The children ran to Kou and were taught many things about music. They even played music and danced and had a very fun time.
“Who is that guy by the door?” One of the kids said to Kou.
“That is a friend of mine. Go say hi to him.” Kou says.
“Hi mister” They all said happily.
“Um hi kids.” Ryu says.
What they didn’t know was that there was a huge problem going on in the Castle right now. A very huge thing.
“We have to get back,  we have many things going on right now. We have lots of work to do. Stamp the papers.” Says Ryu.
“But-” Kou starts saying.
“No buts, we are going to go back to the ca-, to um your house, your dad might be looking for you.” Ryu says. He almost said Castle.
“Ok, kids say bye to Ryu.” Kou says.
“Bye Ryu-chan.” They all say happily.
“You will come to see us again, won’t you Ryu-chan.” the kids ask Ryu with puppy eyes.
“Yes, of course I will come back to see you.” Ryu says with a smile.
Ryu and Kou both left the Castle and walked toward the Castle. They talked about many things. When suddenly a huge firework came off on top of the Castle. Ryu just stared at the beautiful firework.
“That is the most beautiful firework I have ever seen.” Ryu said smiling, then looking at Kou. Suddenly Ryu’s smile vanished when he saw Kou’s face.
“What’s wrong? Why are you making that face.” Ryu said looking at Kou’s shocked face.
“Something horrible is happening in the Castle. Those fireworks means something wrong is going on.” Kou said getting worried.
“Oh shoot. Let’s go quickly.” Ryu said as Kou started to run. After a long time of running and walking and jogging, they finally got to the Castle. The guards were guarding the gate like usual.
“Why did they do the fireworks if there was nothing wrong. Everything looks fine.” Kou said looking confused.
“Maybe someone is trying to rule this Castle and so somebody put on the fireworks.” Ryu says finally excited that he finally has a chance to fight and protect Kou. They quickly ran to the little meeting place and saw a young handsome guy sitting on the throne smiling. He looks up and sees Kou and Ryu walking to where he was sitting. Suddenly this guy sitting on the throne looks at Kou and starts to laugh holding his stomach and he fell to the ground.
“What is so funny?” Kou says getting angry.
“Oh, I am so sorry about that. The way you looked when you saw me sitting here was funny.” This mysterious guy says.
“Who are you and what do you want with us??” Ryu says.
“Oh right I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Hyou Riou. You can call me Hyou. And I am going to be your husband soon.” Hyou says.
“What, I am never gonna marry someone that just walks into my Castle and then suddenly says “I am to be your husband soon.”” Kou says making quotation with her hands.
“Well, if you don’t want to marry me then you have to die.” Hyou says getting angry.
“I won’t marry you or die because I am leaving this Castle right this minute.” Kou says getting disgusted by this guy that went by Hyou. “We barely know each other and this guy wants to marry me. What is wrong with people these day” Kou thought. Kou goes to her room and starts packing necessary stuff that she thinks is important for her. Then she leaves her room. When she was about to close the door she told herself “I will definitely get my Castle back. I will get back what I lost.” Then she leaves. When she was close to the gate she saw Ryu standing by the gate.
“What are you doing here?” Kou says seeing that Ryu had also packed things that were important for him.
“I am going with you, I am your protector, I was assigned to protect you. So I will protect you with all I have got. I am going with you” Ryu says smiling.
“Whatever, do what you want.” Kou says walking toward the gate.
“We will come back my dear Castle. We will get you back because you are the Lost Castle.” Ryu says looking at the Castle.

“What are you doing?” Kou says looking confused.
“I am saying bye to the poor Castle but I was also calling it a Lost Castle.” Ryu says.
“Why are you calling the Castle the Lost Castle.” Kou says looking at Ryu like he grew 2 heads.
“Because this book’s name is called “The Lost Castle.” Ryu says. Walking toward the gate and bumped into a wall because he wasn’t paying attention.
“Your weird.” Kou says and leaves.
2 years later…
”It is time Kou. Today is the day that we will get our Lost Castle back.” Ryu says looking at Kou. They had done many things in 2 years. They worked and earned money. Ryu did the sword skills and Kou just looked at him and laughed every time he fell or hurt himself in a funny way.
“Are you ready for this.” Kou says looking at how much progress Ryu had done in this past 2 years of practicing his sword skills.
“Yes, we will get back the Castle we lost. Muhahahahaha today is the day.” Ryu says accidentally bending way back.
“I think I just cracked my bone” Ryu said falling to the ground.
“This is why you are to be more careful. Now let’s go” Kou says slapping Ryu on the back.
“Ok ok, your slaps hurt.” Ryu says as they head to get there Lost Castle back.
“Sorry” Kou says.
After a long time of riding on a carriage and resting they finally got to their Lost Castle. The guards open the gate and they went in. Hyou and everyone else were outside.
“Look who came back, my soon to be wife.” Hyou said with a smirk.
“You will never have her Hyou Riou.” Ryu said. Giving Hyou the evil look that said, “If you touch her, you will die.”
“How about this, whoever survives the fight will get to have Shuurei Kou.” Hyou said with a evil smile.
“Fine” Ryu said.
“No, Ryu, you can’t. Please don’t fight him. What if you lose. I don’t wanna be this horrible guy’s wife.” Kou said getting worried and scared that she will have to marry this horrible guy, but also because she didn’t want Ryu to die.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let him marry you, if something happens to me, Seiran, Kouyuu, Shuuei and the others will protect you. I promise. And also I will not die.” Ryu said wiping Kou’s tears off.
Before the fighting began Ryu went to see Seiran, Kouyuu, Shuuei and the others. They kept telling him this isn’t a good choice. But he never listened to them.
“Seiran, please protect Kou if anything happens to me.” Ryu said with tears pouring down.
“I promise that I and the others will protect Kou. And you will do great. You will come back to us after this is all over, I just know it.” Seiran said.
Ryu almost called Seiran brother, but he quickly said Seiran. They talked and enjoyed themselves. Now it was time for the ultimate battle that showed the moment of truth.
The fight began.
Who survived?
What will happen to Shuurei Kou?

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