March 5, 2009
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Everyday I get up early in the morning, walk down to the beach near my house to watch the sun rise and walk back there every evening to watch the sunset. I have no family I live alone in a little hut in a small peaceful town. I have no dream to fulfill, no hopes or wants. My life is meaningless. I spend days sitting in my old rocking chair reading the same book over and over again wasting years on nothing. I once asked myself if I don't have any reason to live, then why I have to live. Why don't I just stop breathing, and be gone from this world, this meaningless life, my answer surprised me: some how I'm scared that I'll miss something I always wonder what will happen tomorrow. Will anything special happen? Or will it be just another normal uneventful day like usual. Years have passed, but nothing has happened. My life is still the same: boring and meaningless.
Today, I got up late for the first time. I don't know what happened, but last night I had a dream, a weird dream. I saw a blue dragonfly. I don't know why, but as I saw it. I had a strange feeling that the dragonfly was crying as it flew lower and lower toward the sea. The breeze seemed to be too strong for those little wings to fly through. As the breeze got stronger, the dragonfly got weaker and weaker. Those little wings were hardly moving until stopped. The blue dragonfly didn't have the strength to fly anymore; it fell down slowly and died.
At first I was thinking of staying home instead of walking to the beach because today the sun had risen already. But I just couldn't, so I decided to walk down to the beach just like everyday even though there was no sunrise to watch today.
The weather is nice and warm today. The sun is shining upon the golden sand as the rays reflect on the sea, such a beautiful scene to see. I sat there for a while before I decided to head back. I looked at the sea one more time and say good bye to it as normal, before I walk back to my home.
As I walking suddenly, something unexpected happened. Something hit me. It's not very hard, but I was shocked. It happens so suddenly I lost my balance and fell down. Luckily the sand cushioned so my fall didn't hurt much. I got up quickly and looked around to see what just happen. Before I could even turn my head, I heard a voice say sorry to me. The voice was so sweet and clear. As I turned around, I saw a girl walking toward me.
The girl said sorry to me over and over again. I wanted to say that I was alright, but I was stunned by her. She wasn't the prettiest woman I had ever seen, but I can't take my eyes off her. She had big dark brown eyes with a black shiny hair, which make a great combination with her rounded face, small nose and cute little lips. She was so pretty to me. If she said had that she was an angel I would have believed her without any question. I stared into her eyes as she stared back. My heart was pounding harder than it never before. At that moment, I knew that my life would change forever. At last, something had happened to change my meaningless life.

Time had passed and the season, have changed. The stranger changed into my friend and the friend had become lover. From the first time we met, I knew that she was the one who I would spend my life with. Since we both knew each other until now there've not been even day I didn't love her.
Every day, I still go to see the sun rise and set just like before, but now I'm not alone. I have her to be by my side. I have her to hold my hand. My shoulder isn't empty anymore because I have her to lean her head on. It's because I have her my empty life is fill with happiness.
Wherever we go people look at us jealously. I hear people talk about us, about our love, and how they envy us. I'm so happy and feel so thankful to God that sent her to be with me. I love her with all my heart, as much as a man can love a woman. I know I would die for her. I must be the luckiest man in the whole world to have her with me by my side.
I love how she smiles, how she laugh, how she talk. Actually, I love everything about her. I will do everything to make her happy. I've promise myself that I won't ever make her cry. The only time she will cry because of me is when I die. But I. ... .. I can't keep my promise.
On Valentine's Day, I planed to propose to her. I drove into town and picked up the ring before head back. I called her and told her that I would be waiting for her where we first met. I was so excited thinking, what will I say? What if she refuses? She wouldn't! I was so nervous that my hands and my legs were shaking. I sat there and waited for her. But hours passed and there was still no sign of her. I tried to call her, but she didn't answer. I was so worried. I went to her house, but her mom told me that she had left few hours ago.
Suddenly my phone rang. I didn't even look at the screen, knowing it was her. I answer and started to talk like it her, but... no. It wasn't her. It was the hospital.
Bad news, something bad had happened. A car accident in town, a drunk drove up the footpath and hit a woman. Hit my heart. I was shocked and stunned from what they told me. I couldn't say a word. I couldn't move, couldn't breathe. It like my heart just stopped beating. I was dying.
I don't know how I got to the hospital. Everything was white. I walked up to the nurse. She told me that my dear still in ICU. She was in coma and her chance is only 10%. I sat in front of the room waited and waited, but hours passed and no one came out from that room yet. I felt cold suddenly. I was so scared. How could this happen? Why her? Why? I kept asking myself over and over again. I wanted to go in that room, go in to see her face and hold her hand tight. But I couldn't. Sitting here waiting was driving me crazy.
At last, the door that had been close for more than 6 hours opened. The doctor walks out toward me. He looked at me as he removed his glasses. He didn't say a thing yet, but I caught the sorrow in his eyes. I was scared to hear what he would say. I'm afraid. I bit my lip and stood up straights waiting to hear what the doctor will say. I hide my weakness before my tear will come off and focus to listen.
Coma, head injury. They don't know when she will wake up, that's all I caught from what the doctor said. I cried and cried as I walked into the room, even though she was out from ICU, but she was still not safe yet. She had a chance of 20% that she would be safe, but only 3% that she will recovery and wake up.
Months have gone by, but she still won't wake up. I cry every time I'm with her. I pray every night hopes that she will get better soon, that she will be well. Why this has to happen to her? Why not me? She had gone downtown to buy flowers for me. Why?.... Even though it's only 3% there's still a chance. I won't give up. I believe God will help us just like when he sent her into my life. I believe so. I believe as I pray.
My dearest love won't you wake up and hear what I want to say. Wake up and hear me tell you how much I love you. Don't leave me here alone. You're all I have; you're my life. Please, my love wake up and smile for me again. Please god help her wake her up. Please I beg you I'll do anything, just help her. I beg you. Lord, help her. I cry as I pray to God. I beg for help every day, every night. I hope the Lord will hear, but time keeps passing still nothing happens. I still sit next to her and hold her hands, hoping tomorrow she will wake up.
Since the accident I haven't go to the beach again. I haven't watched the sun rise or set. I just stay here at the hospital next to my dear love. I take care of her and talk to her, even though I know that she can't hear. I still talk to her like a crazy person.
'Would you do anything to help that girl?' suddenly I heard a voice asked me. I was shocked as I look around the room. There was no one in the room except me and my honey, and she was still sleeping.
'Would you?' that voice asked again. I didn't stop to think. I already knew the answer.
'Yes!' Whatever I have to do! Just make her better! Cure her! Make her wake up. I would do anything.
'Would you trade your life?' the voice asked me. I answer that I'll do anything of course I'd give my life to help her.
'I'll help, but you have to turn into a dragonfly for 3 years. Do you accept?' the voice offered me. 3 years? A dragonfly? I didn't understand what kind of offer it was, but I accepted.
'Good, then I'll help!' the mysterious voice said, and then the witch appeared.
'A promise is a promise!' the witch said, as she cast a spell on my lover and then on me.
'She will wake up tomorrow! And you! I will give you tonight to take care of her, but after midnight you'll turn into a dragonfly!' the witch said and disappeared. I didn't even have a chance to thank to her. I walked close to my dear and kissed her lightly on her forehead. I cried again, but I didn't feel sad that I would have to be a dragonfly. I was only sad that I'm not be able to take care of her for 3 years. I reached into my pocket and took off the ring I was going to give to her and slowly put it on her left ring finger. I kissed her again. My tears dropped on her face. I wiped them off and rubbed her face smoothly. I wanted to touch her so I could remember every detail before I became a dragonfly.
Time flew so fast, it was already midnight. I held her hand tightly as I kissed her for the last time. The clock in the room rang for the twelfth time, as I feel myself slowly turn into a dragonfly.
'I love you my dear' I whispered, hope that she would hear.
Night passed and now I've turned into a dragonfly. I didn't go anywhere I'm still by her side waiting for her to wake up. Around noon she finally started to move. I saw this and felt very happy. I wanted to hug her, but I couldn't. I couldn't do anything. I watched her open her eyes and I want to push the button to call the nurse for her, but what could a little dragonfly like me do? I had to watch her try to move slowly to reach the button. As she reached for it she fell down from the bed. I wanted to go and help her up, and ask her how she was, but I couldn't. All I can do for her now is just being by her side, but she will never know.
3 months had gone, now she is better and back to normal. 3 months that she laid on her bed and cried. She cried and asked God where I went? Why did I leave her? I wanted to tell her that I was there just next to her. I wanted to wipe her tears and hold her tight, but I couldn't. I just couldn't. I made her cried again and again. When I see her cry, it hurts. She cries and cries every night until she falls asleep. It's been like that for 3 months. Today, she is strong enough to leave the hospital. She went to the beach where we first met and shouted out my name. I can't do anything, but fly near her and follow her. I want to use my little lip to kiss her, use my little wings to wipe her tear, but I can't. What I can do is just cling to her shoulder and wait for her to stop crying. But a little dragonfly like me can't even get her attention. She will never realize that wherever she goes this little dragonfly will always be with her.
A year passed. My dear love walked to the beach everyday like we used to. She sat there watching the sunrise and sunset. She cried quietly and called my name asked for me to return. The seasons change. Summer is gone, and fall had come. It's time for me to leave, but I'll return in spring. The weather is getting colder. I'm so worried that she will get sick. If I could I wouldn't go, but if I stay I won't survive winter. So I decided to go and come back early in spring.

The second year passed, and it's spring again. I can finally fly back to see my dear love. I fly to her house, but she isn't there. I fly to the beach where she always is. She is sitting there just like before, but this time she isn't alone. Next to her is a man holding her hand. My dear doesn't cry no more. She smiles and laugh with that man. I remember his face; he is the doctor at the hospital that gives her a surgery. I am stunned and don't have strength to fly. There's no place for me anymore. Her shoulder doesn't empty anymore. There's no place for a little dragon fly like me to cling to. Her lips that I used to kiss now kissed by this other man. She used to belong to me; she used to be my dear lover. Now she belongs to someone else. She doesn't need me anymore. I look at her left hand and the ring I gave her isn't there anymore. The ring now is tied on a necklace, which she is wearing. At least she didn't throw it away. At least she still remembers me.
This last year I decided I won't go away in falls to avoid the winter. I want to be with her and stay with her. Even now she has someone else to take care of her. The winter came. It's very cold my wings are frozen and barely move at all, but I still follow her around no matter how cold the weather is or how strong the wind blows, I still fly by her side. Winter has gone and spring is here. The doctor and she who used to be my dear lover still walk down to see the sun rise and set every day. Today is the last day for me to be a dragonfly. After midnight I'll return to human. Deep inside I still hope maybe some how she still waiting for me, but I know I'm lying to myself.
The sun is going down and they come to watch the sunset as usual. As the sun goes down a bit by bit, I see the doctor knee down and propose to her. It took her a few minutes before she accepts. They hold each other tight as the moon rises. They laugh and smile with happiness, while I'm crying with sorrow. The doctor put a ring on her finger slowly and he kissed her. I can't move my wings anymore. My heart aches I lay down on the sand watching them kiss with love. She took off the necklace with the ring I gave her. She looks at it for moment and throws it into the sea. To me, it's not only the ring, but also all my love, all my heart that I gave her. They already walked back, but I still remain lying there crying until midnight came. The witch appears in front of me.
'Did you feel sorry for what you had chosen?' she asked me.
'No, I never feel sorry.' Even if I could go back and choose again I would still do the same. I only wish that I could tell her again how much I love her, kiss her again, and say good bye to her.
'Then, I'll turn you back into a human' the witch says as she raises her wand
'Wait..., can I ask for one more wish?' I stop her before she finishes her spell.
'I'll trade this wish for my life. If you agree to it, I will stay as a dragonfly for the rest of my life.' Why should I go back to human? She already met someone new and now she is happy. If I turn back to human, it will only hurt her. I don't want her to be sad and cry anymore. At least as a dragonfly, I still can fly next to her, be with her, and follow to watch her smile. I'll by her side until the last day of my life.
'Herrr! Love really makes people blind! What is your wish?'
'I wish my dear love to live happily forever.'
The witch stopped as she looks at me in the eyes.
'Done...'she said as she disappeared.

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