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November 4, 2016
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Regulation and statute are the shackles only meant for a poor man. No such bindings exist for a man of hierarchy, a man of class, a man of stature. For a man of wealth, nothing stands in the path of him and the pleasures intertwined in the depths of hell. Society has become a structural entity balanced along a materialistic item regarded as the highest standard in life: money. It’s so strange that in the main scheme of life such a measly piece of paper has defined the modern day aristocrats. But if only the rich man is given access to the vanities entailed in life, what of the lost soul that presides over the ruling elite? Who would truly be lunitistic enough to reign over hell? Surely to put on the facade of a king he must have the attraction of his following. His mere presence provides men in the room envious emotions as they watch their women flaunt in admiration and desire? A glance from his confident daggered eyes, seemingly the color of midnight, induces the beholder into a trance of inferiority. With twisted curling hair almost darker then the soul within, and brown skin sweeter than caramel, Nathaniel King despite representing the corrupt and villainous of humanity is truly a sight for sore eyes. He is one whose jaw line slashes the deepest cuts unto women's’ hearts before even opening his mouth to allow his silver tongue to deliver the fatal blow as each hypnotic word dances across lips that looked as if he had just been on the set of a gaudy romantic satire of a renowned book. Despite displaying the physique of an Egyptian pharaoh, the true effectiveness of Nathaniel’s advancement in 21st century prestige was his impeccable psyche. Not only did King’s intelligence reign supreme, rendering his competitors in the business realm with feelings of barbarism after an opinionated discussion, but his perspective and evaluation of the human persona became the differentiating characteristic of a king. His analyzation of stereotypes in the wakes of life present opportunities to predict reactions of pedestrians in scenarios. To society it appeared almost as if King were a deity able to make immaculate decisions as if he could predict a person’s next move, leaving them in awe. In addition to the gifted acumen and deduction Nathaniel possess the most useful attribute in King’s mental palace was the character that resonated within him: an aching desire to surpass a father who modeled the man Nathaniel aspired to best as well as the unfathomable need to leave a legacy in the midst of his departure from his eventual throne. These mentalities in their own right architected a young invisible adolescent into not only a self-made aristocrat but an advocate rivaling Lucifer himself.
?Along the assent from oblivion to what at first seemed like paradise, the soon to be prince of pleasure became accustomed to sexual encounters in hopes of finding the meaning of love, narcotic festivities to escape his rapidly changing extravagant life, and influencing others to behave in ways that always ultimately benefited him.
No matter what side of the moral spectrum a person finds himself residing, every being at one point or another is faced with obstacles to rise above and progress into a destiny, shaped solely on how each obstacles are overcome, in the case of the king his hardships first manifested during adolescence becoming one of his formidable stints before his reign would begin. Faced with his first glimpse of social hierarchy, prestigious divides amongst a population, and infatuation with climbing rank after rank with an end goal of taking the throne, eventually all there is left to achieve is plummeting through the depths of a personally tailored hell. In other words the lifespan of a high school social life. Who doesn't want to be the optimization of conversation, someone envied by their peers on such a scope a sense of fulfillment arises from it. Especially if the majority of life your best friend, someone you consider to be your brother, has cast an arching shadow over you surpassing you at every turn. But at what cost should anyone be willing to achieve notoriety? Bridges between comrades severed, sacrificed humanity, forfeiting the ability to love another so profusely all of a sudden it no longer is life about all a person can solely achieve? All this for what exactly, mere moments in a spotlight witnessed by adolescent filled characters trying to discover the walks of life. In hopes of not becoming a victim of the high school social trap Nathaniel begins to flourish in ways never before seen in a desperate plea to finally escape the shadows cast by a comrade. In doing so Nathaniel King became hopelessly, utterly lost to the somber depths of misery, with no shimmering hope of escape. That is, until she came along. With hair as golden as her smile, grey eyes that eliminated the gray in Nathaniel's life with a mere glance, and a voice that induced a therapeutic trance provoking the light to shine out in the bleak world inhabited, Brooke Mason was a spectacle to behold. With hardships and struggles of her own, in efforts of feeling sought after succumbing to frequent sexual relations that have warranted society to label her as a fallen woman, instead of wallowing in self-pity of past shortcomings she saw the potential in others and remained one of the most compassionate human beings there was. Slowly but surely she did just that and in the midst of oblivion became a beacon of light for a man blinded by darkness.
One rising to fortune and prosperity at any cost and the other falling to obscurity and loneliness being stripped of wealth present all her life, creating the unlikeliest of relationships. In spite of all this, it is not a love story, it is a life story. To truly depict life love must be present. For without love the meaning of life is nullified. The absence of love is the absence of life.
? To account the life story of Nathaniel King one must first travel back to the time of adolescence for King, where he first made his discoveries of wealth, and the madness enclosed with it....

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LizJade said...
today at 9:17 pm
I went through a lot of different emotions reading this. You have talent, and should continue writing. Well done.
NoaElias said...
Nov. 29, 2016 at 5:00 pm
Beautiful! I really hope there is more to this book :)
NoaElias replied...
Nov. 29, 2016 at 5:01 pm
dude u just replied to ur own article ur lame
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