March 4, 2009
By baby_d BRONZE, Prairie Lea, Texas
baby_d BRONZE, Prairie Lea, Texas
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I never expected it to be so perfect. The way he held my hands and looked me in the eyes. I felt the butterflies in my stomach form into a bigger swarm. As soon as we leaned in for the kiss, my friend Alessa called me into the gym to get my volleyball jersey on. We both sighed and walked into the gym, still holding hands.
When I finally came out, we sat outside on a blue faded out picnic table. He pulled out his phone and we started listening to 'Twisted' By Keith Sweat. He said that was our song. Again, he held my hands, which were a little sweaty, maybe from being nervous. He looked deeply into my eyes. I couldn't help but blush. He smiled when my cheeks turned rosy red. I put my head down, but he put his hand under my chin.
'Has anybody ever told you, that you're beautiful?'
'No.' I replied.
'Well, to me you are. You're my beautiful girl.'
After he said that I started to blush even more, and I couldn't stop smiling. Right then and there a BIG gust of wind hit. Goosebumps appeared on my arms and put his arms around me. The feeling in my heart was warm and tinglely. I didn't know how to react when he just hugged me. So all I did was lay my head on his chest and hear his heart beat, BOOM! BOOM! I could still smell his Axe body spray he used. I felt a warm hand go from my back to my neck, then finally under my chin. He was trying to kiss me again. I could hear myself think,

Is this the moment? Are we going to actually kiss? But once again, we got interrupted. My friend Skyra had yelled:
She ran back inside. We both laughed and I got quiet, until Brandon, who had been playing basketball in the tennis court, yelled out:
We laughed and he said, 'Oh shut up! Where's your girlfriend at?'
Brandon shrugged and continued playing basketball. We turned around and looked at each other. AGAIN! But this time our eyes just twinkled, like a beautiful diamond ring. We smiled at each other and leaned in and finally, our first kiss. It was so magical. Just like when Cinderella kissed her prince. All of a sudden, Skyra, Alessa, and even Brandon said.
'AWW!!! How sweet!!'
I began to blush. When they disappeared, he whispered in my ear, 'I love you!'
Of course I whispered back, 'I love you too!'
Then he started to blush. I giggled like a little girl and he hugged me and kissed me again. Then five minutes later I had to go back into the gym to warm up for the volleyball game. But first, my friends and I went to the locker room and I screamed.
They all started to laugh and kept saying, 'Aww! How cute!!'
I kept telling them to shut up! I had on a smile on my face the rest of the day and everyday that we were together. We were together for two months, one week, and a day. Those were the best days of my life. Till this day I still remember everything he has ever told me and everything we used to do. I still love him, and I'm hoping he knows that.

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