The Princess and the nobody

November 4, 2016
By kekeb1204 BRONZE, Nyack, New York
kekeb1204 BRONZE, Nyack, New York
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Today was just another day in the castle, my dress was being fitted for yet another ball.I don’t see why I can’t wear one of my many other dresses. The dresses always have to be big and gawdy to show your social status. Being that I am Alana the princess of Avalon; you can imagine what mine looks like. My dress is a light shade of purple which represents royalty, with a long train that is about 2ft long. And of course paired with death traps called stilettos. My mother once told me that a proper lady should be able to run in heels. Not that she has ever had to run, she has been spoiled her whole life. My thoughts were interrupted by my “maid” Rosalina, she basically raised me. Rosalina is a lower class woman, who is very kind and wise.
“Hurry princess your parents won’t be pleased if you are late” says Rosalina
“You can call me Alana, you know” I tell Rosalina
“You should know that I’m not allowed to do that; you have five minutes to get down there” Rosalina responds dismissing the conversation that we had often.
Here in Avalon it is considered disrespectful for a member of a lower class to call you by your first name rather than your title. I hurriedly put on my heels and begin walking towards the  ballroom feeling like a newborn deer. 
As soon as I arrive I am greeted by everyone, including the snobbiest of them all; Mary Petrova. She isn’t a significant member of the upper class but believes that she is above everyone and is very rude. The nickname that I gave her is Agatha after the evil principle from the movie Matilda. Mary “Agatha” approaches me with a fake smile plastered on her face.
She looks me up and down before saying “I see you borrowed a dress from that no good peasant Rosalina” I roll my eyes and sigh before replying “Actually this dress is one of a kind, it was made specifically for me; but nice try” with that I walk away.
After a while of dancing and meeting people it was finally time to eat. We all sit in the dining hall at a long table. My mother and father sat at the heads of the table and I sat next to my mother. The maids began bringing in large trays of food, placing a plate in front of each person. Each plate filled with caviar, escargot and other fancy foods that I can’t even pronounce. Honestly I would be just fine with a burger and fries. A sudden crashing sound brings me out of my thoughts. Our newest maid Sophia; who's about my age 18 years old, accidentally dropped the tray she was holding. Food went flying everywhere some landing on my dress; not that I care, I could barely breathe in it. Sophia was frantically trying to clean up the mess she made. I push out my chair and began helping her clean up, ignoring all the gasps that filled the air.
My mother tells me “Alana! Sit down right this moment and let her do her job!”
Ignoring my mother I help Sophia off the floor. I then look down and notice that there is now a huge stain on my dress. My mother continues to yell “Go change! Your dress is a mess and Sophia leave you are no longer needed.” Sophia walks out of the room with her head down ashamed. I follow close behind her and lightly tap her shoulder “Sorry about my mother, she’s… how should I say this; unappreciative and rude” I say while chuckling. Sophia lightly chuckles before saying “I am so sorry about your dress” I then reply “It’s fine you gave a me an excuse to take it off, I think it’s stopping my circulation.” I finally made a real friend, someone who isn’t snobby. From that moment on, this less privileged girl became my best friend. Sophia and I have so much in common, despite of our different lifestyles. I live in a huge castle with maids meanwhile Sophia lives in a poor area where she shares a one bedroom house with her mother. I learn that her mother was very ill and that is why she began working for my family. It amazes me how no matter what she’s going through she remains happy. She tells me stories about the simple things that I never got to experience. As the princess I’m not able to leave the castle often, and I’m definitely not allowed to go to the poor part of town.
I want so badly what she has a sense of happiness, which I have never felt. Even with a lavish castle, expensive items and being catered to. It all meant nothing to me because it wasn’t me. I don’t want to be like my mother, a woman of no talent or hobby besides gossiping. I want to meet new people and be myself not the princess nor what my mother or father want me to be. Just simply Alana. I beg Sophia to take me to town. After continuously annoying her about it she finally agreed to take me to this party a friend of her’s was having.
We make a plan that night after everyone went to sleep; she will meet me outside on my balcony and bring me some of her clothes to wear. Since all of my clothes would make me stick out. I want to be Alana for at least one night. I decide to use my middle name Anna;since very few people know it, to make sure that no one knows that I’m the princess.
Once we arrive at the gathering I was a bit overwhelmed with emotions, I’m nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. Sophia introduces me to her friends, they are all having fun; talking and laughing with one another. A little while later I decide to take a breather, while I was outside I notice a boy leaning up against a nearby tree. I observe him from a distance, I have never seen anyone like him. He is beautiful, that might sound weird calling a guy beautiful. But you know what I mean he was so cute! I finally grew the balls to go up to him and stop staring creepily. The handsome stranger must have heard me approaching because he looks up at me. He tilts his head to the side just a little bit, trying to figure out who I was. When I’m standing in front of him, I introduce myself. “Hi, my name is  Anna” I say while reaching my hand out for him to shake. He stares at me for a few more seconds before saying “My name is Alexander… I’ve never seen you before”
I say “Yeah, I’m new around here, I came with my friend Sophia” Okay, so I didn’t completely lie I am technically new around these parts of Avalon.
He replies “I figured because I would definitely remember such a beautiful face.” The rest of the night we spent talking about nothing in particular. But he did ask me where I’m from and of course I had to lie. I tell him that I’m from a neighboring city called Arendelle. Hours had passed, Sophia eventually came looking for me, because it was time to go. I quickly exchange numbers with Alexander before I leave and promise to call him when I get home. After successfully sneaking back into my bedroom, I think about tonight. I had more fun tonight then I have in my entire life. I decide to call Alexander like promised, we talk on the phone until we both fall asleep.
       Five Months Later
Alexander and I still have our late night conversations and have gotten to know each other very well. I think I’m beginning to fall in love with him. No one has made me as happy as he does. But he still doesn’t know that I’m the princess. I need to tell him before he finds out himself, because I don’t know how he’s going to react. Hopefully he doesn’t get too upset; I don’t want to lose him. So I plan on meeting him later today at the tree where we first met. I was getting ready, in one of the many outfits that Sophia has given me to borrow when I  meetup with Alexander. I sneak passed the guards by cutting through our garden.
I was sitting in the garden drinking a cup of tea, when I thought I saw my daughter sneaking around the garden suspiciously, but it couldn’t be this person is wearing hideous clothes. I decide to get a guard and follow this person. We follow a safe distance behind the person to the poor part of town. The person seemed to be waiting for someone then we saw a young boy approach. They greet one another with a hug and a small peck on the lips. My guard and I decide to make ourselves known. “Alana… so help me God that better not be you!” I shouted.
The sound of my mother’s voice takes me out of my blissful kiss.. I pull away from Alexander, quickly turning around only to be face to face with my mother and one of our guards. I don’t know what to say, my thoughts are all over the place. The sound of Alexander’s voice rang through my ears “Alana? I thought you said your name was Anna.” Before I had the chance to explain, I was interrupted by my mother “No princess should be with anyone of such low status” while looking Alexander up and down with disgust.
I reply “You don’t even know him! You can’t judge someone based on where they live and how much money they have” 
My mother then says “You will not embarrass our family, we are leaving right this instant”
I look towards Alexander, we make eye contact and at that moment I realize that I love him with all my heart. So I say to my mother “I am not leaving, I’m staying here where I can be myself.” My mother is shocked  by my response but begins walking away with the guard but not before saying over her shoulder “You will regret this; you won’t have anything and don’t come crying to me when this doesn’t work out.” I can’t say that my mother’s comment didn’t hurt my feelings, but I’m doing what’s right for me. Holding onto my new found happiness is the only thing I’m concerned about.
    After my mother left there was an awkward silence between Alexander and I. Nether of us know what to say, but I know that I have a lot of explaining to do. I take a deep breathe before turning to Alexander and apologizing for lying to him. “I thought you would treat me differently if you knew that I was the princess. I just wanted to be a regular teenage for once and have fun. I’m so sorry for lying to you about who I am but my feeling for you are real.” I search Alexander’s eyes for any sign of forgiveness, but don’t see anything. He finally speaks “I accept your apology, and I love you too” as soon as those words leave his mouth I engulf him in a tight hug. My eyes begin to tear up, from being overcome with emotions. Alexander jokingly says “I did think you looked familiar, when I first met you but couldn’t put my finger on it” We both share a laugh and just enjoy the comfort; that holding one another provides.
    I stay with Alexander although his house may seem like a downgrade, to me it is home. A home that money can’t buy. Like the saying home is where the heart is, I was never able to relate to that until now. I’m thankful for what I have and the amazing people around me. My mother and I no longer have a relationship, maybe sometime in the future we will talk. The only thing I do know for sure is that I’m finally happy.  I Alana Anna Davenport, am just a regular girl enjoying life as it comes, with my best friend and amazing boyfriend.

The author's comments:

I wrote this for my English project, where I had to write a fiction or non-fiction story that includes a cultural conflict.

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