If A Girl Says Yes

February 21, 2009
By Arie J BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Arie J BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I sat in my ninja turtle pajama bottoms and lime green tank not really bothering to watch the movie on that played before my eyes. Tonight was just like any other pathetic excuse of a Friday night. Go home, eat dinner, eat more ice cream than a girl should be allowed to consume and complain to Miranda.

I looked down at my half gallon of Pinkie?s Ice Cream slightly sad that it was almost gone. ?I?m tired of being stuck here every night watching sappy love stories on Lifetime,? I angrily mumbled into my cell phone.

?Ally, I told you to let me set you up on a date with one of Cody?s friends?, she replied matter of fatly.

I could just imagine the smug grin plastered on her face.

I had heard this way too many times before. It?s not my fault that most of the guys I meet are complete weirdos. Okay, maybe it is in some freaky way. There are too many lies in the world and the people behind them are just as bad if not worse. On true-match.com they say there?s a 100% guarantee of finding true love and so far all I?ve meet are guys who are nothing like their profile says. Well there was that one guy who said he stalks Andrea Marie, the girl who got famous from that bubble gum commercial and he truly did.

Well on the bright side my outfit matches and no that was not pathetic.

? Miranda I can feel that you?re planning something, what is it?? I asked with an exasperated sigh. I got up from the couch, my feet padding across the floor, to rummage through my small kitchen for another comfort food: celery and peanut butter.
I could hear her smiling as she said, ?I know one of Brian?s friends has a friend who would be perfect ?I sighed heavily, not wanting to go through this again. I knew this could last forever, so I gave in.
? Miranda, who is he?? something told me I would regret this.

The author's comments:
this story is also posted on mibba.com and is not a one-shot fiction piece. I hope you all like it

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