And So It Begins

February 20, 2009
By Virginia Pedigo BRONZE, St.Johns, Florida
Virginia Pedigo BRONZE, St.Johns, Florida
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On the disgusting, grimy floor of the grocery store is where I first met him. As usual I was busy being a complete klutz, but with seventeen years of experience on my belt, I knew how to handle myself. It was him that I didn?t know how to handle. I was sitting on the ground trying to pick up the apples that had seconds ago tumbled to the ground in thunderous avalanche style, while still attempting to remain graceful and smooth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a guy around my age approaching. However I knew that he was way too attractive to be coming to offer any kind of help. More likely he would soon be followed by a group of equally gorgeous girls and guys, who would no doubt laugh with pleasure at the fact that so much clumsiness could reside in one body. This type of mockery I was used to, but somehow I knew it would be different with him. He just looked so nice. The torture would definitely be much worse.

He was getting closer and closer and my heart was getting faster and faster. I was mentally preparing myself for what was to come, when he said, ?Looks like you could use a little help.? I was astonished and it took me somewhere between a minute and a year to reply.

?Yes, thank you,? I said, wishing the tremor in my voice would vanish.

He got on his knees and started picking up the apples, which had just become my new favorite fruit.

?I happen to be a professional apple selector,? he said with a smile, ?and in all my years of working, I?ve come to realize that it?s usually not best to pick the one at the absolute bottom.?

My brain was working so fast at trying to come up with something witty to say.

?I? I was just trying to get the best one, and I sort of forgot to move the other ones out of the way first.? A little shaky but not too bad, I thought.

?Well that?s understandable, I guess. I mean, I can?t help but respect a girl who takes her produce seriously.?

I couldn?t believe it. This guy, this god-like guy was actually flirting with me! This type of stuff happens to the Brittanys and Tiffanys of the world, not to me. I pondered this for some time, until I realized that it was my turn to speak.

However, he beat me to it when he said, ?So, do you go to Happertone High??

?No,? I replied, ?I go to Grotten.?

?So you?re a genius basically, right??

?Not exactly a genius, I just know stuff? if that makes any sense,? I finished lamely.

?It does, although I can still tell you?re way smarter than anyone at my school.?

By now we had finished picking up the apples and they were all neatly back in their places, just waiting to be knocked over again. For the first time in my life I could actually feel the time passing, and I realized that my encounter with this perfect specimen was coming to an end. Only I didn?t want it to.

?Thank you so much for the help. I probably would have been here all day if it weren?t for you,? I said.

?Hey, it?s no problem. And I ?m glad we met. So I guess I?ll see you around??

?Definitely. And I?m Molly by the way. Molly Julis.?

?It?s nice to meet you Molly.?

And things were never the same.

The author's comments:
I think that true love can come at anytime, anywhere, and I am going to try my best to be ready for it.

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