The Lost Girl

September 27, 2016
By Lisab.13 BRONZE, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Lisab.13 BRONZE, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
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One  sunny  summer  day  a  16  year  old  girl  ran  away  from  home. Her  name  one  Layla. She  ran  off  into  the  woods  by  her   house  about  a  mile  or  two  down  the  road.  She  took  a   backpack   filled   with  food,  water,  a   phone,   and   a   map   of   her   town.   As   she  sat  in  the  woods  crying  one  of  her  friends  saw  her.  His  name  was  Jake.  Jake asked  her  if  she  was  okay  and  what   was    making   her   upset.  Layla  told   Jake everything  about  her  parents  fighting  all   the  time  and  how  they  never  have  time  for  her. She  even  told   him   that   she   was   starting   to   get   depressed  because  of   all  the bullying  at  school  and  how  she  has  to  come  home  to  her  parents  fighting.  Jake  knew she  was  hurting , So  he  got  in  his  backpack  and  pulled  out  a  small   green  box  and  he gave   it  to  Layla. She  slowly  stopped  crying  and  opened  the  box.  She  saw  the  musical balls,  she  smiled  because  it  reminded  her  of  the  pair her dad got  her before  Layla's started fighting all the time. Jake smiled because he saw  Layla smile. Jake told Layla that she could come to there house to live with them. She said yes then she thanked him. Jake told Layla that everything will be better when we get to my house.

After a few years Jake and Layla had spent a lot of time together and they had gotten more comfortable with each other and then one day Jake asked Layla if she wanted him to be her boyfriend. 
One very hot summer day Jake and Layla decided to go to the beach to watch the sunset. They went to the beach just a mile down the road away. Layla packed a basket so they could have a picnic. She packed some food and drinks. When Jake and Layla got to the beach they ate right before the sunset.  Jake and Layla watched as the sunset over the horizon. They walked back to their house. When they got home they watched movies until they fell asleep.   The  next day Jake's parents asked him if he could go to the store for them to pick up groceries they needed. Jake said  yes and asked Layla if she wanted to go with him
she said  yes. So Jake and Layla went to the store about 2 or 3 miles down the road. Layla saw her parents she went up to them and tried to talk to them.  They didn't realize who she was because it has been two years since they last saw her. When Layla tried talking to her parents they didn't listen because they were to busy fighting. She thought to herself i doubt they even knew i was gone. The next thing Jake knew Layla ran out of the store crying. Jake knew Layla was hurting but it was much more than that. Layla also felt so upset and worst of all she felt betrayed by her own family.  “Are you okay?” Asked Jake
            “Those people were my family they didn't even realize who i was. They didn't recognize their own daughter. Jake this is why i ran away from home. Between them fighting and me getting bullied all the time. I couldn't  handle it anymore. “ said  Layla  
              Jake just hugged her saying nothing.He knew she was hurting. Jake seen Layla's parents leave jake then says “Let's go back into the store and get what my parents want and go home”
          Layla said “Okay Jake let's just hurry up and head home.
          Jake and Layla went back into the store and picked up everything they needed and  then they went back to Jake’s parents house. When Jake and Layla got home she went straight upstairs to her room and she looked at her family's photo. Layla smiled because this was her family before they ever started fighting. She also got a little sad because she missed the family that they use to be. Layla and Jake went for a walk in town. They found missing posters than she realized her parents did care about her. Layla called the number on the poster and she told them what happened. Than all of the sudden she realized  that the people at the store weren't her parents.  When Layla went to visit them they actually were happy and not fighting. Layla was happy that she got to see her parents and for once the weren't fighting. Layla told her parents about Jake and how nice he has been to her   and how they really connected. Than he gets down on one knee and then he asks “Will you marry me Layla”
            Layla smiles and says yes. After that Jake and Layla are as happy as they could ever be. Layla told  her parents everything that thoses to have been throw. Then everyone lived as happy as a fish in water.

The author's comments:

I know for experince that bullying hurts many people and is a big problem for many kids. I would hope this inspires many people that even with struggles u can get throw anything 

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on Oct. 2 2016 at 11:18 am
Aaliyah_Williams03 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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OMG this was a great story


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