September 25, 2016
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On sunny day, a couple walks through the college campus. They are Buenos, a boyfriend and Jennifer, a girlfriend. They attended same high school before. Buenos started to love Jennifer since he seen her in high school. Buenos cannot forget a moment that Jennifer practiced cheerleading in gym with her friends, at that time, he fell in love at first sight. When he saw her cheerleading at the first time, he felt that his heart beating goes fast and fast. However, Buenos did not have any chances to meet her or talk with her in high school. He passed three years in high school with any accomplishments. After graduate high school, Buenos and Jennifer were fortunately accepted by same college. Buenos had changed a lot, he lost weight and trained a lot. He looks like fashion model, so the first day of college, he became famous for the most handsome guy in the college. Most of girls in college start to love him. With beginning of college life, Buenos told Jennifer that he loved her for 3years and still loves her, Jennifer also has good feeling with him. They became officially campus couple 2years ago. Jennifer is also famous for pretty woman in the college. All students in college including Buenos’ best friend, Aires know Buenos and Jennifer are dating. However, no one could complain about it because both of them look really good together. Aires and Buenos are best friend since they were babies. They lived in same city, were neighborhoods and attended same school during their whole school lives. And now they are attending same college again. Aires is also a handsome guy, who looks like fashion model such as Buenos. But not that looks so good than Buenos. 

Jennifer and Aires had met first time because of Buenos. Buenos wanted to introduce his two best lovers each other. After that time, three of them have good relationships as lovers or friends. Buenos also doesn’t care about Aires being friend to Jennifer and has keep touch with Jennifer on phone. Buenos believes Jennifer and Aires. He is happy with his favorite people are all have good relationships. They spent lots of time together in college campus or outside of campus. They didn’t know that will be a disaster to them.
Since one day, Buenos could not meet Aires in campus even Aires doesn’t answer to Buenos on Phone. Buenos feels like Aires keep avoids him in campus. When they have meet, Aires does not treat him like before. Buenos wants to make time with Aires and Jennifer, and he wants to ask Aires seriously about what’s the problem. He does not want to have wrong relationship with Aires, his best friend. Buenos calls to Aires, but he says, “I already have promise today.” So Buenos calls to Jennifer, she also says, “Sorry, I have promise today, see you tomorrow.” Buenos has nothing to do without Jennifer and Aires in campus. He just walks to home, then he sees Jennifer and Aires on way to home. They look happy and look like a couple. Buenos calls to Jennifer and ask “What are you doing now?” Jennifer says, “I’m in house now, why?” Buenos ring off right after Jennifer lie to him. He keep looks at Jennifer and Aires who walk front of Buenos. Jennifer still looks does not care of Buenos, and keep talks with Aires.
Next day, Buenos meets Jennifer in campus with doubt of yesterday. Jennifer has change, she has less expression of affection to Buenos. Buenos cannot stop have doubt on Jennifer. But he does not ask anything about yesterday or Aires to his girlfriend. He tries to act normally like usual to Jennifer. He does not want to show that he already know something. Jennifer and Aires tell lie to Buenos and have meet after that. Buenos catches several times that they are being together, he decides to tell about it to Jennifer. He comes out to bench where placed in campus. Buenos calls Jennifer out, and presses her to tell truth. First, Jennifer keep says, “No, I don’t have anything with Aires.” Buenos says, “I already know you guys, I saw several times that you guys met secretly.” Then, Jennifer says all truth that they have good feelings to each other and tell lie to Buenos to meet secretly. Buenos cannot hide that feeling of disappointment and cannot believe Aires and Jennifer cheating on him.
Buenos, Jennifer, and Aires gather to talk about what’s going on. Buenos still too confused so cannot start to tell carelessly. Jennifer tells first, she says, “Buenos, we are stop on here, let’s break up.” Buenos and Aires look at Jennifer at the same time. She keep says, “I don’t like you anymore, sorry. I am so sorry about that I cheating on you, but I love Aires so much now.” Aires keeps silence. Buenos can’t accept this situation, his best friend and his girlfriend, both of them betray him and cheating on him. Not only Buenos but also everyone cannot take this situation if they have it. Jennifer and Aires left Buenos.
Buenos cannot go to college for few days. During that time, all students in campus already know about happening of these three guys. Because Jennifer and Aires do not hide their situation and act like normal couple in campus. Students wonder about Buenos but they realize that Jennifer and Buenos broke up then Jennifer is dating with Aires. All students blame to Jennifer every day, she cannot suffer blaming of students. It makes Jennifer and Aires break up, but they cannot go back to past time when they are all happy. Buenos already stop his campus life and leave them, he had flight to other country where no one knows.
Buenos, Jennifer, and Aires lost their best companion in life because of their fault of one moment, they cannot have happiness like before they had anymore.

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