The Kissing Wall

September 24, 2016

I pick up my phone and earbuds then I put some music on. Soon after that I leave my house and walk on over to the public library. It’s only like 3 blocks from here. Once I get to the library I walk up the stairs and open the big heavy glass door. Man I hate that door. I look around to find an empty table to set my phone on. I find a table so I then place my phone on it.
    I leave my phone unattended to find a book. I look around for awhile and then I find something interesting it’s called “The Outsiders.”
    “Thats a good book.” A handsome boy tells me.
    I smile and say “So i’ve heard.”
    I puts his hand out which tells me he wants a handshake. “I’m Josh.” He introduces.
    I grab his hand and shake it “I’m Lisa it's a pleasure to meet you.” I reply.
    He nods and says “You like to read I see. I’ve never met a beautiful girl like you who enjoys to read.” Josh tells me.
    I start blushing like crazy and say “Oh wow really? I guess i’m not like other girls then.”
    He smiles and says “I guess not.”
    “Quick question. Are you from out of town?” I ask.
    He nods and says “Yes Boston actually. How’d you know?”
    “Your accent gave it away.” I reply with a smile.
    “Ah.” He says. “Well I better get going.”
    I frown why so soon I want to ask but instead it comes out like this “Okay bye dude.”
    He laughs and walks out of the library. I then check my book out and grab my phone off of the table, and I leave the library and I go straight home so I can think about Josh with no interruptions. Man he was cute I hope I see him again.
    The next day I go to the mall. I go to my favorite store first it’s called “Mal’s Candy Shop.” Man I really love candy. I open the door to the candy shop and there he is standing. I go behind him hoping he will turn around and notice me. About 2 seconds later someone taps on my shoulder. I turn around and it's him. Yes I did it!
    “Hey Josh.” I say.
    “Hello Lisa” He replies.
    We talk for a bit then we get our candy. We walk around the mall. Then out of nowhere we stop and stare into eachothers eyes for a bit. He pushes me into the wall then kisses me, hard then I kiss him back hard. We kiss for like 10 minutes not caring that people are watching us. We pull away and say wow.
    “Hey uh Lisa can I tell you something?” Josh asks.
    “Of course.” I reply with a smile.
    “I’m moving back to Boston.” Josh tells me with a frown.
    My smile immediately turns into a frown. Tears start to roll down my face and then I say “NO you can’t. Please don’t leave me.”
    “Lisa i’m sorry I don’t wanna leave you but I have to go back.” He tells me.
    “When?” I ask.
    “Tomorrow.” He replies.
    I start crying a little harder. Josh whips them away and kisses my forehead.
    “Don’t cry Lisa I love you. I promise i’ll text you everyday and i’ll try to visit often.” He reassures me.
    I look up at him and kiss him on the lips and say “Okay, good.” 
    “Promise me you’ll be okay.”  He says.
    I shake my head no and say “I can’t promise but I can promise i’ll try.”  I pull him in for one last kiss and then we pull away. He nods and walks away with a sad face. I’m going to miss him even though we just met he is my true love and if you love them you gotta let them go. Right?
    Ever since the day he left i’d go to the wall where we kissed. I’d hope for him to be there waiting even though I knew he wouldn’t be. He hasn’t called me and it's been 5 months. He promised. Not a promise keeper I guess. What else don’t I know about him? My phone beeps it’s from Josh! It says “hey Lisa sorry i haven’t texted i’ve just been busy. I miss and love you.”
    I smile and whisper “I love you too Josh more than you know.” Tears start to roll down my face.
    “I knew i’d find you here.” A familiar voice says.
    I look up and it’s him. “Josh!” I say while jumping up to give him a hug.
    He laughs and says “I missed you so much and I realized I can’t live without you so  i’m here to stay.”
    “That’s great, now kiss me.” I say.
    “ I was hoping you’d say that.” He says with a smile.
    He pushes me against our kissing wall and kisses me. We pull away.
    “I love you.” He tells me.
    “I love you.” I say.
    We kiss again and from that day we’ve been dating for 20 years and married for 5. WE have a 5 month daughter named Alexa. My love story has a happy ending. Does yours? 

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JacobBakerThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Sept. 28, 2016 at 5:42 pm
its ok you should write more and not randomly go from one thing to the next
Aaliyah_Williams03 replied...
Oct. 1, 2016 at 2:23 pm
thanks for the feedback
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