Forbidden Fruit

September 4, 2016
By , Manila, AR

Im not allowed to have you. What do you do when you want someone so bad you kill steal lie cash out all your sins.  How could something be so wrong when it feels so right. The taste of your lips and the feel of your skin pressed up against mine, our hearts beating as one. All the pain from our love is worth it. Ive learned to cherish the pain because that all we have left. I don’t understand how love could be such a sin. Maybe, Im meant to go to hell and suffer but, i don’t even care anymore. As long as your in hell with me it seems to be the perfect place. Im on my knees every night asking for forgiveness and that the next time i look out my door your waiting for me with that sexy smile. Every night you have been letting me down though baby. As I get older I’m starting to realize that the most beauty in people are their sins. Baby, your my beautiful sin and i cant see my life without you.

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