A Seat for Two

August 18, 2016

                                 5:07 am
I saw her looking at her seat like she had just been stolen from. I would feel the same if a random guy had taken my backpack and put it next to his seat. He smirked at her but she didn't seem too happy about it. Dark circles under her eyes and tiredness filled her face. She was not in the mood to be disturbed by a random guy that had taken her things. She may have thought “whatever” because when I looked back she was already fast asleep next to him. She may have been regretting her choices of coming on this 8 hour road trip, but something told me that her ride was going to be longer. And so the ride began.


                                 8:23 am
When I woke up and looked over my shoulder I saw the girl looking out the window looking more tired than she did an hour earlier.  The guy didn't seem to take her eyes off her. She seemed not to mind or she was too bothered to care for him. When we stopped to get gas for the tiny bus that seemed like our new home she started talking to him.
“If I’m going to sit next to you I’m going to know your name” she said.
he replied,“My name is Gustavo, how about yours?”
“My name is Dolores and I’m not very happy with you right now.”
They started talking more and more but I couldn’t hear them. They were getting along better now but she still seemed very mad at him. For what she looked like she looked like a pretty stubborn person. Once you got her mad, you could never get her back like she was. Dolores looked like a pretty anxious person she seemed closed minded. I think her parents made her go on this trip , because she looked pretty miserable so far. Not that I was so happy either. Being silent and everyone being quiet and on their phones wasn’t such a thrill anyway either.

                               10:11 am
I didn't hear Gustavo and Dolores talk after the awkward conversation they had.  She seemed so delicate, like if you touched her hair it would hurt her. She was reading a book that I’ve never heard of ; it looked boring anyway. I had nothing to do, so I just stared up at the roof of the bus and felt time was passing slower than ever. I looked to my side and felt like I was seeing something that I shouldn't have seen. She was leaning to his shoulder and sleeping against his shoulder. Everyone else on the bus was sleeping , so I felt weird knowing I was the only one that saw that. They seemed so good for eachother. She seemed to feel safe when he was there next to her. They slept for another hour or so. When I finished hearing my tape I kept looking around the bus to see if anybody had started a conversation of some sort. When I looked back I saw the girl looking more embarrassed than ever. Her face was flushed, and he looked peaceful still sleeping. His sunglasses were covering his entire face. Who wore sunglasses inside? Anyway, she appeared to have not recognized what she had recently done.

                                 11:30 am
Her hair was now up, some baby hairs falling out of place and she was calling someone. She started crying, I don't know what about. This was sad and all but I couldn't just stand there and do nothing so I went over there and started talking to her. She was explaining to me how it was just some family trouble and that's where she left it out.  Gustavo had come back so I sat back down to my seat.

                                 12:14 pm
I was so hungry I honestly didn't know what to do. I haven't eaten all day since yesterday. I was hoping that somebody would be nice enough and lend me some food. Of course right when I asked nobody had even one crumb of food. Great! Then the last person I asked was Gustavo. Sure, he wasn't the most nice,good looking, or charm person on this bus but at least he was offering.

                                  1:09 pm
They were getting along better, no more fighting. They seemed to even start being more friendly. Im sure that by the end of the day they're going to be better friends.They started listening to each other even though they didn't agree on everything.


                                   2:28 pm
It started raining and it scared me. I could see Gustavo and Dolores huddling up together. I was shocked, I was just alone. I didn't know what to do about this. The rain was coming harder and harder , and me being scared to death I screamed. Not the best thing to do while it's pouring and in a car with strangers.


                                  3:15 pm
They were definitely getting along more well, you could see it in their eyes, at the way they stared at each other. If you didn't know them you could easily see that they had something. More than something they had this sense in each of them.


                                20 years later
That's how my grandpa and grandma met. Yes, I know how random. Meeting in a bus and hating each other at first sight? Who does that? Isn't it love at first sight? Well not for them, they didn't exactly follow the “love” rules they were supposed.  I guess that not everyone follows the same rules at everything, but that still doesn't stop them from getting what they want.

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