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August 11, 2016

Tonight is just so perfect for the night that is planned ahead of me. There are just so many bright and abundant stars twinkling in the night's sky above the outline of the oak trees, a cozy bright fire to sit next to, and of all the things a perfect girl I've ever met. The older teen thought as he looked out to the driveway from this spot on the grass that was covered by a Minecraft blanket that showed off his geekiness.
He stretched slowly and got up slowly making his way to the driveway where a new car sat. “Hey, love? How are you?” he called out.
No response
He looked around nervously and walked quickly to the car and looked inside instantly knowing the interior. Again he called, “Babe?”
He turned around and was greeted with open arms, quickly jumping back from the arms but was no match as the person persisted forward.  “Baby! I’ve missed you!” a brown-haired girl kisses his cheeks leaving a nice imprint of bright pink lipstick. “Did I scare you?”
Rolling his eyes he mutters a swear word, “I'm going to attack you!”. Laughing he gave her a look and she darted off and the chase was on. Yelling back in forth, I’m going to get you, and no your not! Till finally she got too tired and he swooped her up and kissed her.
“Have you gained weight or am I already growing too old for this?” he said playfully as he chuckled.Giving him the stare she made a fake laugh, hopping out of his arms and called him an
ass, Quickly she laid down next to the fire, “Do you remember when we were fifteen and we had just met? It's been three years now, and nothing's really changed, it's still just us, you and me and the blue sky, just us, and I lov-” she was cut off by a quick kiss, nothing more than a quick peck.
Then he spoke, “Sorry to cut you off, but um babe,” he looks into her eyes. “Tons have changed! I used to be a druggy, suicidal; lost….But that's all gone its been replaced by this wonderful gurl’ who can deal with, this.” he points at himself. “Love, I don’t know how to say this but um, it's my birthday tonight and 12pm, I'll finally be twenty, and there's finally something I’ve been wanting to do that at the right moment.” he looks down at the hands that moved steadily around, and the other one slowly moving towards midnight.
Just one more minute then it'll be 12. He thought
Reaching into his back pocket he takes out a box, dots of random colors and a base color of yellow with a bright red ribbon on the top. “I know it's customary for me to receive the gift on a night like this, but you’ve done so much for me. It's my turn to give you something.” Looking at the ground so she wouldn’t see him blushing he handed her the box.
She slowly took the box, and started to unwrap unsure of what was happening and looking around nervously. “What is it, Bran-”
“Just open it.” he quickly intercepted her thought.
She opened it and looked and started to cry. First, she pulled out a stuffed plush version of Eevee that was sitting up and holding a heart that had written, Love you babe, and wrapped around its neck was a simple black ring around a silver necklace. A note was attached to the silver. she picked it up.
Dear love,
So I’ve been thinking that its time that I give you a present worth more than anything I could possibly buy. If you thought I lost that ring from when you gave it to me years ago you're insane. I’ve kept it safe to give it back to you, it was a promise ring then, and it may not be my promise ring to you, but I never backed away and this one is for you.

A silver diamond encrusted ring with the words, love till we part was engraved to the bottom of a cheesy magic the gathering card, Sol ring, and the art was altered to show an engagement ring and where the card normally say Tap to add two mana was Tap to say yes.

“Will you marry me, Bri?”

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