July 31, 2016
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I look around the dance floor. Watching my best friend Sarah move not so gracefully around the dance floor. Grinding up against any guy she can find. I laugh at how different we are yet how much I love her. I get out of my seat to step outside for some fresh air. I wouldn't say this is a terrible night, but I expected homecoming to be a little more exciting. Considering how many people make a big deal of it. Big, fancy dresses and the perfect hair. Trying to find a date and have the perfect night like in a fairy tale.

My thoughts get interrupted when a senior comes barging out the door. I glance up realizing it's not just any senior but Liam. Every girl crushes on, and i don't particularly blame them. He is very good looking. Tall with broad shoulders and a sexy deep voice. His golden brown hair and his magnificent dark blue eyes that you can melt in. But he uses his good looks for his advantage, charming any girl he could just to get a one night stand. He makes poor helpless girls fall for him. Not knowing that they will soon have their heart in a blender. Being torn to shreds.

The sad part is, that's how guys are these days. Use you for whatever they can get. And girls like me fall for it. Love the idea of being in love. So they take what they can get and rush it, which leads to terrible ex’s and heartbreaks. So I keep my distant from guys like that now.

He walks toward me and smiles. I generously smile back. He starts to make conversation like the charming and friendly guy he is. “Can't stand it in there anymore either?” He says and laughs while he sits in the grass beside me. I chuckle back. “You're a freshman, right?” He asks me as I rip up the grass in front of me. I stop playing with the grass but still don't look into his eyes.”Yeah, um I'm Aria,” I reply wanting to head back inside to be safe with my friend. He smiles again and replies to me,”My names Liam.” I roll my eyes, still not looking at him. “I know. Everyone knows who you are,” I joke but he does not laugh. Instead he keeps quiet and out of curiousity, I look over at him. He was blankly staring at the grass.

“That’s not true. Everyone thinks they know me. A player and a jock. But that's not who I am. No one cares to get to know the smart, thoughtful me. So many people don't care and don't believe in me. So I stopped caring and believing in myself. I know it sounds dumb and I don't know why I just opened up to you. I just feel something special about you.” My heart starts beating fast and I look into his eyes. I felt it too. A strong connection between us.

He leans into me and before I can think straight his lips are strong against mine. He puts his hand behind my neck and my lips part involuntarily. My heart beats faster as he glides his tongue across mine. He takes control and pulls me on top of him. I start slowly grinding down onto him, feeling him hard for me. I grip his hair in my hands as he kisses me harder.

As the kiss gets hotter we hear a loud bang. I jump up off his lap and look to my right. A chaperone looks around. Probably making sure no students are out doing, what we were doing. Liam grabs my hand and practically pulls me off of my feet. Next thing I know we are running behind the school as the teacher yells for us. We run into the woods and hide behind a tree to catch our breath. We look over at each other and start laughing hard.
We finally stop laughing and I check my phone, noticing 8 messages and 3 missed calls from Sarah. “S***,” I mumble under my breath. He looks over at me in confusion. I answer his confusion,”I have to go back in, my friend is worried and looking for me.” I start walking away, not wanting to have an awkward goodbye. Half way back I turn around and he has disappeared.

I walk back to my seat and wave Sarah over. She practically runs over to me and starts questioning me. “Oh my gosh Aria, where have you been?” “I just went outside for some air,” I answered while smiling looking down. She continues going on about how I was gone for awhile and how she was so worried about me. All I could do was think about that romantic kiss with Liam. I kept smiling and thinking until I look around the room and my smile slowly fades. I stand up seeing Liam kissing another random Junior.

Tears fill my eyes as he steps back and notices me. He starts racing towards me through the crowded room. I run outside, not looking back. I kept running trying to grasp what happened. I lean against the tree we hid behind not even an hour ago. I wipe my soaked face as my sadness turned to anger. Footsteps startle me as I turn around to see those gorgeous dark blue eyes.

“Look, Aria it's not what it looked like,” he starts. I sit there looking past him. I get up and start to walk away. He grabs my arm and pulls me close towards him. His scent enters my nose and I felt the connection again. I pull away before I let him get into my head again.

He continues, ”Aria stop. Stop acting like you don't want to see me. We both know you do. Why else would you come to the tree?” He’s wrong I didn't want to hear his bull s***. But I did want to see him. I'm not sure what I want right now. I wanted to never see him again a few minutes ago, yet now here we are. Im that poor, helpless girl that he's putting under his charm. I hated him, but I urged to listen to him and kiss him one last time. I was stuck in between my head and my heart. I knew I shouldn't want him. But I do and I can't stop wanting him.

I look up at him to sign him to continue. “She kissed me. I promise I would never do that to you. I pulled back.” I look up at him, making sure he would see the hurt in my red, tear soaked eyes. He looked into my eyes, then quickly looked away. I wasn't sure if I should believe him or not. He pushed my hair behind my ear. We looked into eachothers eyes once more. And then there was that connection again. I believed him. I leaned into him again. My body pressed against his onto the tree. Our heart beats began as one.  I wasn't sure how this would turn out but I wanted to give it a shot. I wanted him and I would regret if I didn't give him a chance. 

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