July 21, 2016
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One day I woke up just as any other day.the first thought that came to my mind was my boyfriend Nicholas, so I thought about the date that we were going to have that afternoon after school. In addition, I still had the smell of the perfume of the last day. Then I dressed myself and went to the kitchen to have breakfast with the rest of my family.

I said hi to my brother Jack, mum and dad, but none of them could listen to me. They were acting as if I didn’t exist.

“Hi everyone,”I said.
“ Hi mum.”
“Hey Jack!”
“Good morning dad.”
“Hey, it's me, Sophia.”
“ Can you listen to me?” I said, “ It’s not a joke.” they couldn’t listen to what I was saying.

After some time they began to look for me, but they couldn’t see me, even when I was in front of them.

Later when I was at school nobody said hi to me. It was very sad. Everyone was looking for me. My best friend Gabriella, my friends Olivia and Claire, also my boyfriend Nicholas were very worried because I didn't show up that day at school. They could find me even when I was just in front of them . They couldn't listen to me or even look at me. 

“Guys I’m here,” I said, “ can you see me?” I told them, but nothing happened.

I felt very weird, people were acting as if I was a ghost. They couldn’t notice me. I felt very uncomfortable. I knew that there was something wrong with me. I didn’t felt normal.

I decided to go to class and see what happened. But then I saw something which made me really mad. I observed that my best friend and my boyfriend, Gabriella and Nicholas were flirting. The worst of all was that Gabriella, my “best friend” was the one who began flirting, since she noticed that I wasn’t there. I was heartbroken and very disappointed about what was going on between them.

“Hi handsome man,”said Gabriella.
“Oh hi beauty,”said Nicholas.
“ How are you?”
“ Great”
“What are you doing this afternoon after school?”asked Gabriella.
“I was going on a date with Sophia, but since she isn't here I am free.”
“Oh that's great!” replied Gabriella, “ I’m also free this afternoon”
“ Maybe we could go to the movies.”
“ Yeah!” said Gabriella, “ I’ll meet you at five pm.”
“Yeah okay,”said Nicholas.

Later they had lunch together. While they were eating they were talking in a very romantic way to each other.

“ I love you Gabby,” said Nicholas.
“ I love you more babe,” said Gabriella.
“ No, I love you more,”
“ Awww you are adorable!”
“ You are beautiful Gabby,” he said.

After eating they went to a hall and began to kiss each other.  It was a very passionate kiss. I jus was very sad about it.

“ You kiss better than Sophia,” said Nicholas.
“ And you are a very good kisser,” she said.
“ I want you to be my girlfriend.”
“ But you already have one.”
“ I don’t care,” replied Nicholas.
“ I’ll break up with her later,” he said , “ Would you like to be my girlfriend?”
“ of course, I want babe.”

I couldn't believe that. I was very disappointed. I felt powerless of doing something about it. They couldn’t listen to me. But somehow I was going to take revenge.

It was  very sad to see how someone you love makes you that. In addition my best friend, we were like sisters, she just changed you for a boy.

But well I don’t need a boy. I can survive without a man. I don’t need Nicholas. And Gabriella wasn’t a real good friend after all. 

When I arrived home my dad and my mum were desperate and very worried about me. I was lost, they couldn't find meet. Both of them were crying and trying to find me. They were so preoccupied that they called the police, so that they could figure out what happened to me.

I felt bad for them because they were very preoccupied and worried about me, and I couldn’t do anything. Besides that, My boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend. I had no power over all the things that were going on. I was desperate, so I went running to my bed and cried like a baby. While I was crying I tried to see myself in the mirror, but all I could see was nothing. I couldn't see my face or neither my body. What was happening? Why couldn't I see myself in the mirror? Well I discovered that I was invisible. That’s why people couldn’t see me, or listen to me.

How? How was that possible? Was that dream. It was a mystery . I didn't know why I became invisible. I didn’t even know that was possible. Then I saw the perfume that I got the night before. It had a great smell, but it was a bit weird.  There were some tiny letters at the bottom of it that said: “this will turn you invisible and then visible again”. Oh my god, it was because of the perfume. It was the perfume’s fault. I put some perfume, and then suddenly I was visible again. I was surprised and amazed.

The next day I went running downstairs to show my family that I was fine.My mom was crying of happiness, my dad was shouting of happiness and my brother was also very happy about it. It was amazing to see my family happy again.

Then I went to school again and took the magic perfume in my backpack. As soon as I saw my boyfriend I knew that I should take revenge on him.

“Hey you idiot!” I said.
“Baby, why do you call me like that?” Nicholas said.
“ Cause I saw everything!” I said angrily,” You were cheating.”
“How do you know that?” he asked, “ that’s not true!”
“Yes it is.”
“No, it’s not”
“ I hate you, so I am breaking up with you Nicholas.”
“But baby I still love you”
“I don’t care.”

Then I took the magic perfume out of my backpack and put it on him. In just one second he disappeared. I was very proud of me taking revenge over that nasty animal (my ex-boyfriend). It was the happiest moment of my life.
But then my best friend came over. She was happy to see me again, but I was not happy to see her again. And I was also going to take revenge over that hypocrite girl.

“Hi liar,” I said.
“ Are you mad?” Gabriella said, “ What happened to you?”
“ I thought that we were best friends, but I was wrong.”
“Why do you say that?”
“ I saw you kissing my boyfriend”
“ What?” She replied, “ I didn’t.”
“ Yes you did, I saw everything”
“ I never did that”
“ You are wrong!” I said, “ don’t even talk to me ever again, I hate you.”

I decided to take revenge on her, so I took the perfume out and she turned invisible her invisible. Just as the repugnant mutant, Nicholas.

After that experience, I learned that you have to be very careful choosing your friends, because yes they are important, but you just have to be very careful. People can hurt you and betray you.

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