The Perfect Day

July 21, 2016
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The perfect day. Raining, grey, with a touch of thunderstorm and lightning. The weather channel says that a snowstorm is on it's way. I couldn't be more excited. The lake has frozen over and is safe to skate on because my dad checked. He's good with that stuff. Today, the perfect day, is the day where I will walk to her door, with butterflies in my stomach. I wonder if she wants to come. My face will be flushed when she opens the door. Her face, her beautiful face. It is the face that gives you a feeling of true beauty and purity. Her face gives you hope and happiness just everytime you look at her. She is always smiling and never in a bad mood.

I take her hand as we skate onto the rink, giving her stabilization, hoping that she feels safe with me. I'm hoping that she feels that she can be herself, and she doesn't have to put on an act just to get attention. But she would never want the attention, she knows that someone should love her for who she is. I love her for who she is.

Now, the snow is falling and the perfect day continues. The perfect day because everything I see and hear is just simply...perfect.

The snow is falling so beautifully, gently. It's just like in a movie. We are gliding over the iced lake. We go inside my house and we sit in front of the fire. I've made us some hot cocoa.

I hope that day comes, The perfect day.

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