Lost Love.

July 10, 2016
By tritxoxo BRONZE, Saint John, Arkansas
tritxoxo BRONZE, Saint John, Arkansas
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  It all started last summer, Liam was a guy you would dream about. A smile to die for, smelt like heaven, his body was another plus but on top of all that he seemed like he was one of the good guy.

   I met Liam in early June while i was away at my grandmothers. It started off as a normal day Ami and I were down at the pool laying out when him and his friend walked up to us. As soon as i saw him i had a feeling he would change my life forever but I wish he changed it in a good way.

  When it first started everything was perfect he'd call me every night, text me cute little messages throughout the day but when we were together it was special, he was perfect in my eyes. We spent a lot of time together that summer but once summer was over everything changed.

  We went to different schools and we knew that would be hard for us but at the begging we were so in love that it did not matter. We would hang out everyday after school and on weekends we would do something special. After first semester ended Liam started to change. He didn't call me every night he always said he was too tired then we stopped hanging out all together. Every time we would have plans something would always come up that he couldn't make it. We started to drift and everything changed.

  One night in January I went out with a few friends to this little restaurant. When I got there everything was fine then all of a sudden Liam walked through the door, he was all beat up and he was with another woman. I went over to him to see if he was all right and he just snapped at me saying everything was my fault but when i asked what i did he wouldn't tell me, he walked out of the cafe and we didn't speak for many months after that.

  In late March I got a phone call from an unknown number , it was Liam. He told me to meet him at an old hotel in a hour and he would explain everything. Once I got there he was no where to be seen it was dark and i could hear someone walking towards me then all of a sudden I was grabbed and tied to a chair. Once the lights were turned on Liam was standing there looking very guilty and once he started talking I felt my entire world crash. He said that the day we met at the pool was the day he was suppose to kidnap me and bring me to whoever he worked for but he fell in love with me and he thought he could just say he didn't know where i was but after his boss found out he had been seeing me that is when he got beat up and when he saw me that is why he freaked out. After he explained all that to me he told me that I would never be able to escape him and his boss and that I would have to be a slave to them.

  At first everything seemed to be easy, all i was doing was getting them drinks and cooking there food, cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry and house work. Everyday that passed i got more angry that I ever trusted this Liam guy how could he do this to me? why would he do this to me? It did not make any sense to me but after that everything got worse. I found out that my job wasn't just to wait on them I was going to be used as a sex slave also. I was raped many times a day and on top of that I got beat every night by Liam. I tried escaping many times but then i just lost hope until one night they went out while i was doing laundry and forgot to lock the doors. As soon as they left i got all my things and walked out the door.

  That was the last time I seen Liam unless you count when i went to court to testify.

The author's comments:

This is my first ever writing peice so it might not be that good

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