The night

July 12, 2016

The night was cool. Crisp. Her hair was a tornado, the wind picking up pieces and twisting it around in halos of red. Her smile beckoned the perfect storm, arms outstretched to the sky as she twirled with the moving clouds. I stared at her, dancing in the moonlight like a madwoman. There was no music playing, just the rustling of grass and trees, crickets chirping, and my heartbeat racing. Maybe she was dancing to the thump of it, relishing in the spell she'd cast on me with those green serpent eyes. She circled around to me, lips spread as wide as the grand canyon. With a crook of her finger, I was on my feet and spinning. Spinning around and around until my head felt numb and dizzy. Our feet sunk deep into the ground, leaving our mark on the Earth we had claimed. In future days people might see these crazed foot prints speckling the forest and think a satanic ritual had taken place, or perhaps some drunkards had gotten lost in the woods. But either way, they would  know someone had been here, and that made this moment significant enough to the outside world as it needed to be. Because this moment, as she twirled in and out of my arms, I fell in love. And I think she did too. And all I ever wanted in life was to fall in love with a girl with red hair and green eyes, dancing in the moonlight.

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