Orchid Kiss

April 14, 2016
By cjwriter235 BRONZE, Culpeper , Virginia
cjwriter235 BRONZE, Culpeper , Virginia
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It is early fall and there is a feeling of perfection in the air. It is that sweet moment after summer before it gets really cold. There is a slight breeze drifting the lazy clouds and a hint of red, orange and yellow on the trees. A young woman is working hard despite the almost gravitational pull to do nothing. Every once in awhile she gazes at the warm sun, hoping it will move faster. She wonders if he would stay away after last night. Her father screaming, telling him to never see or talk to his daughter again was scary even to her. His face had gotten beet red and his fist shook. She had only seen him like that a few times, but when she did it terrified her. When the sun reaches its peak at the top of the sky, she dusts off her hands, grabs her lunch and runs fast enjoying the wind blowing past her.
Quickly she runs past giant open fields and small clusters of houses. She barely notices the scenery having seen it all her life. She could name every person who lives in each house that she passes, and who owns every field she runs by.  She sees Mrs. Richards peek through her living room curtains and stare at her. She knows Mrs. Richards will tell her father, but right now she doesn’t care. Green, yellow, red, orange and the rest of the autumn beauty flies by her, as her thoughts seem to settle.  Finally she arrives at her destination, her sacred sanctuary, just as the wind picks up speed and blows her hair past her shoulders. She sits down in a quiet area; small and surrounded by trees. As she waits, she eats. Her delicious lunch is consumed in no time at all. Gently she picks an apple from a nearby tree and bites into its crunchy skin. Some of the apple’s sweet juice dribbles down her chin and she quickly wipes it up.
Suddenly she hears a noise behind her; the sound of a branch breaking. Her heart beats fast as she remembers Mrs. Richards and her mind turns to her father. If he ever discovered this place she would be forbidden from coming back. Walking quickly the noise follows her. As she starts to run, she can hear it chasing her.  She worries about what her father will do to her when he catches her and that thought drives her to run faster. Their feet pound into the soft ground of the orchid. Without warning she hears his twinkling laugh float across the wind and she knows she isn’t running away because she is going to get caught. She is running away from her work, her problems and all her insecurities. She follows her heart and leaves the world behind. A hill comes into view once they pass the giant apple trees and neither one stops running. They fall in a tumbling heap gasping for breath. As her breath returns to her slowly, she spins around and tickles his side. He is quick to recover however, and soon has her pinned to the ground giggling and gasping for mercy. Relaxing, they lay on the hill and watch the clouds roll by.
They talk a little, about the future and her father’s disapproval of him. She suggests names for their future kids and jokingly he turns them all down. Snuggling up next to each other they watch the sun sink lower in the sky. She now knows he isn’t going to stay away because of her father. He suggests they start walking up the hill and she agrees, thinking about how the afternoon break is almost over. When they reach the first of the trees she feels his arms go around her shoulders. Carefully, so he doesn’t startle her, he forces her back against a wide tree. He gazes into her surprised face, focusing on her blue eyes. His hand softly caresses her face and he starts to pull her chin up and away from the tree; towards him. He gently tugs her a little bit closer and makes his intent clear. He waits for her response, hoping she feels the same. She closes the space between them and their lips gently touch. The kiss is soft and sweet. It is not rushed but it fills them both with a burning feeling for more. He breaks the kiss gently and takes a step back. She closes her eyes, trying to remember everything about him: his scent, his hair, his mouth. When she opens her eyes he is gone. Slowly she walks back to her father’s fields, waiting for the next time she can get away. 

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