Just a Friend

December 22, 2015

Just a friend was what you said she was.

A friend and only that.

I knew she was more than just a friend; I just didn’t want to be right, for once.

I was supposed to be the only girl that was more than just a friend; I was your girlfriend for the love of God.

You told me over and over that she was just a friend, but do you kiss all your friends?

Do you ask all of your friends for ‘pics’?

Do you tell all of your friends that you love them?

If so, how did I being your girlfriend make me any different from all your other friends?

Just a friend you said, I believed you.

You told me you loved me, I believed you then too.

But you loved her too, didn’t you? I mean that’s what you had told her.

Like you said, you never get over your first love.

But when did she turn from ‘just a friend,’ to your ‘first love’?

Was it when I accused you of cheating on her with me?

But then there was another ‘just a friend’ though, wasn’t there?

She was your best friend’s girl; I had nothing to worry about.

You said she wasn’t your type.

When did she turn from not your type to the most beautiful girl you know?

When did your best friend’s girl become that?

Was it when you kissed her the day we broke up?

How did it feel betraying mine and his trust?

How do you feel now that I’m nine hundred miles away from you?

It hurts, you say.

Well it hurt when you said she was just a friend.

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