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Of Flight and Sight : Part 1

March 12, 2015
By PrancexxxAbandoned SILVER, Fullerton, California
PrancexxxAbandoned SILVER, Fullerton, California
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"Mum, I'm going." I reached to my backpack, it stuffed with all the supplies I could ever need.
"Just, be carefull." She walked over to me and placed her hand on my shoulder, her loving touch melting away some insecurities. But not all of them.
"I know. I will."
"Try not to get caught again."
"I'll try." I slung my backpack around and pulled open the door. Light beamed down onto me, the early morning sun waking up. I walked out of the driveway and strode down the sidewalk. I pulled my penny board out from my pack. I set it down and began to ride, it bumbling along the mixed matched pathway. I turned into the street and rode as it was easier to ride. A newspaper boy rode his bike down the street, throwing papers here and there.
"Hey kid! Can I get one?" I asked him. He nodded and tossed me a copy.
"Thanks!" I pushed forward and opened the paper. The first page was the same as always. 'Girl can fly?' and 'Superhero detected!' covered the paper. I threw it to another house, hitting the front door. I puffed out my cheeks and continued riding. It never changes. One town to the next. I never get a break. Always on the front page.
I reached a major intersection, separating me from the school. I pushed forward, the light green. A loud screech issued from my left. I grabbed my skateboard and pushed off the ground, rocketing into the sky. The car stopped a few feet over where I had been. I flew higher as people crowded the spot. They were searching for my body, yet again. I thought hard on a bird, and my disguise formed. A beautiful dove took my place, and I fluttered my wings to the school. I perched on top of a school building as sirens echoed at the intersection. Yet once again, I would be searched for. And if I once again showed myself, we would have to move. Same process, never changing. I searched the school for a place to change back to human, and only a small cluster of bushes seemed to do. I glided down there, searching for the right spot to land. I dove in, a little cove in the branches for me to fit. I settled down on the dirt and looked around. A pair of sad eyes loomed over me. I stepped back.
"I-Im sorry little bird." A male voice sniffed. I heard a handkerchief blown into, yet I couldn't see it. Was this kid amazing at hide and seek? I heard leaves crunch, the sound seemed to be all around me. Where was it? I looked left and right, scared of the unknown noise.
"Oh, s-sorry." The boy materialized in front of me. I chirped, startled. He scooted back, the roof or the bushes too short.
"I guess I scared you, didn't I?" He giggled. His bright red hair fell into his face. I flew up and grabbed it. They boy squeaked as I pushed it into his hair. I flew down onto his knee.
"Thanks, little bird." He went to pat me, nervous if I would fly away. I stood still and waited for a rough pet. Instead, a soft brushing drifted over me. I chirped.
"You like that?" I nodded my little head. The boy looked perplexed.
"Can you understand me?" I jumped off his knee and used my feet to draw a 'thumbs up'. He laughed.
"Wow! That's amazing! Do you have a name?" His hand disappeared, air taking its place. I used my beak to point to his hand. He looked to it and gulped.
"I do that when I'm excited." I wrote 'XD' in the sand.
"You didn't answer my question! Do you have a name?"
"What is it?"
"That's the name of the kid I need to give an orientation to today!" He laughed, but his face quickly turned to worry.
"I need to give an orientation! I'll be back little bird! Can you come back here after the bell rings for school out?"
'Sure. But it may take a bit.'
"Ok! Bye little bird!" He closed his eyes, and his body disappeared. Crunching of feet pulled out of the bush, and I was left alone.
Poor kid, I thought, I wonder what happened?
I thought hard on being human, and I soon morphed into myself again. I searched for my penny board and backpack, both with me. I stepped out from the bush and dusted off. My tight black shirt? Check. Black ripped skinny jeans? Check. Black converse? Check. I felt to see if my hair was still in the same position, nothing changed. I smelled for make-up, and it was there. Great. Nothing wrong this time. I set my board down and pushed off, pack on my back. I weaved between students, and many comments arose.
"Who is she?" "I haven't seen that chick around." "She new?" I smirked and kept riding. I turned and examined the high school campus. A giant tree stood in the center of a courtyard, surrounded by students. I was told to meet on the other side of it, by the cafeteria. I looked around. Too many kids to just speed through. I have to stunt.

The author's comments:

Just a story I'm writing. Part one of maybe a series.

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