Vampire’s Heart

December 22, 2008
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Eternal love soaked in blood, I rise from my daytime slumber out of the coffin and onto the cold ground, I walk down the halls and ponder many paintings from vampire’s past all eyes on me for I have shamed and deceived my family’s tree, I leave the castle and my forbidden world behind all that’s left is only mine. To the cemetery I must part to, to meet my beloved and the one who holds my heart, fog intertwines across my path I keep on walking all eyes from the past are upon me, I quicken my pace to the cemetery, I reach the gate and enter all is silent all is quite, a faint smell of the blood in the air I continue on, at last I found my beloved but not all is as it seems. He looked as if he were sleeping but upon a closer look is see that his body was brutally mutilated by another vampire, envy is what got the other while death got the one that holds my heart. I cannot even shed a tear but as I am standing there I think to my self “how sad this is almost like Romeo and Juliet, only this Juliet will not die with her love” after all the time is only ten-o-clock the night is still young and I am too for an eternity.

Maybe this is what my bloodline is telling me born alone die alone, after all I am there last vampire…

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Goddess said...
Jan. 24, 2012 at 4:40 pm
wow not bad
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