Dear My True Love,

July 19, 2014
By @ReasonsForJoy GOLD, Hingham, Massachusetts
@ReasonsForJoy GOLD, Hingham, Massachusetts
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"Hate? Hate is easy. But love... Love is hard."

To My Love,

I am sorry that you’re reading this letter. If you are it means that I most likely messed up. You probably got tired of me or maybe we just drifted apart, like two leave falling from the same branch. I wish that you would never open this letter because it means we are no more. However, I am writing this letter anyway just incase because I know myself. I know that I’ll use some harsh words towards you when it happens and I don’t want those to be your last memory of me.

Do you remember when you first met me? I was giving a speech at school and forgot my note cards. You watched me ramble like an idiot for twenty minutes before sneaking out of the auditorium. Moments later the fire alarm went off and everyone was told to evacuate. Leaving the room last with a sigh of relief you blocked the doorway. I told you that we had to leave, that there was a fire.
“I couldn’t just sit there and watch you.”
To this day I cannot believe you pulled that fire alarm for me.

Do you remember our first date? You planned this big fancy dinner in the city. Then I ruined it by getting the flu. Then you showed up at my house in your suit with a bouquet of roses. We ordered pizza and watched a movie on my bed. Remember how you asked to kiss me? I warned you that you may get sick but you kissed me as you whispered in my ear.
“Worth it.”

Remember when I called you the night my parents were fighting? You were at a party with your friends but made me promise to keep talking to you on the phone until you got to my house. You came inside, picked me up and put me in your car. Then we drove. We talked as we drove down winding dirt roads and dark streets until the sky turned pink from the rising sun. You stopped where we could watch the sunrise and said,
“Almost as beautiful as you.”

Do you remember when my air conditioner was broken on what must have been the hottest day of the year? I remember you sneaking in with a water gun and spraying me, saving me from the heat. I remember when you pulled out a little blow up pool you brought and set it up in the kitchen. You made me get in it with you. Then asked me lay on my side until my head was submerged. I remember when you tried to kiss me underwater and we ended up with the whole pool in our noses.

I remember all of it, all the late nights and early mornings. I remember all the kisses and the hugs, all the fights and the apologies. I remember all the presents you gave me and every time I said,
“You didn’t have to do that.” You just smiled and said,
“No, I didn’t have to but I wanted to.”
These are the memory’s I want you to remember.

And love if you’re reading this letter. Thank you. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for giving me a love story. I’ll never forget it.

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