Denying the Duke of Kingsburg

June 17, 2014
Walking by the ocean always reminded me of home. Nothing said home more than salty air and a calm breeze. The sun was about to dip into the vast monster of water and I felt like my heart was doing the same. I missed my old life, free from every care, but now it was time to be the serious adopted daughter I was told to be. I was to be proper and cheerful at every banquet that my step mother forces me through. I always was required to be presented beautifully in dress and in manor. I was to always enchant the young men that attended the dances and banquets by talking of trips I had made throughout Europe. I was the hostess when my mother was not home and the next dance would be my first time taking charge.
The sun had set so I decided to walk back to the castle where I belonged, partially. There was a lot to do in preparation of the Christmas night ball. I had to help the cook find a divine dinner to please all of the senior and young attenders. I had to find my most beautiful décor and plating for the meal. I needed to find a flattering dress and put my hair in braids and a small neat bun.
Phillip, the gate watchman allowed me in with a bow. I smiled and he shyly smiled back. He was a quiet one, only spoke when he was told to. I walked past the beautiful gardens and fountains admiring the precise art work. My favorite part of the garden was the patch of tulips. There I had enjoyed peace and tranquility after I was told that my mother was never coming back. She ran away from me and my father when I was three and I then father married another women. He said I would be able to read the letters from her when I denied to love a young man. This was all an evil plan. I wouldn’t be able to get married and my step mother new of the agreement my stubborn father and I made. She did all she could in her power to make me fall for a dashing young duke so that I wouldn’t be able to resist not knowing why my mother left. I really didn’t need to read the letters but my life had to many hidden secrets to figure the puzzle out so I was determined to not let anyone get in my path.
Father had always been a stern man. He was very tall and bulky with thick black hair. He wouldn’t ever talk much and something about his countenance made people wonder. I even wonder about him sometimes. My cold and flat relationship with him made the situation all the worse. One day I just wanted to know about my mother so bad that I just asked him. He eyes got so dark and he didn’t yell or hit. He just stared at me with something that resembled hatred. I didn’t know what to do so I backed up and ran to my cold room to cry. All was gray that evening. The sky, the moon, and even my heart. Tears had sprung to my eyes as I thought about that experience and I wiped them away hurriedly, no one was allowed to shed tears here.
Mrs. Annette was waiting for me when I entered through the big doors of my home.
“Isn’t it could out there my lady?”
“No.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say, my thoughts were on my father.
“Well, my lady, why don’t you wash up for dinner? Cook will be in the dining hall tonight to discuss plans for the ball.”
I nodded to my wonderful maid, whom I loved with all my heart. She smiled back with her freckled cheeks. I climbed the stairs to my bedchamber and Washed up for dinner. I glanced in my mirror and realized that I was not looking up to the standards my step mother had set. No powder could cover the look of distraught on my face. I decided to re-pin my hair and apply more powder that my step mother had given to me. My face was pale but my eyes were a very bright green and my hair was fiery red. I took the curls and neatly arranged them into a bun and out my evening gown on. I gently put on the beautiful gloves my mother had worn the day before she left me. The gloves were the only thing that my father had allowed me to keep.
At dinner Cook and I discussed plans of a nice ham, salad, roasted potatoes and a gourmet pastry. We were about to finish talking when a knock at the main door startled me. Mrs. Annette went to retrieve it so I started to talk again. I heard some soft conversation and then footsteps coming towards the dining hall. I looked at who was at the door and it was a very handsome well groomed young man, about my age. My heart fluttered. He smiled a warm smile and introduced himself as Duke of Kingsburg. All I could think of was my step mother. She was trying too hard.

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