Love Fades

June 4, 2014
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“Love fades. Mine has.” She’ll never forget those words. Never forget the pain that surged through her veins. All the hurt, betrayal, anger. Standing on top of her apartment building, the emptiness smothers her.

“I loved him. I loved him more than he’ll ever understand.” Why does she always push everyone out of her life? She’s lost everyone. She’s lost the most important thing in her life. The guilt and loss brings her to the roof tonight, whisky in one hand, his picture in the other. She looks back on all the people she’s hurt, her throat tightening and tears gathering in her eyes. She inches forward. Would anyone care, notice? No one’s noticed so far. The dark circles. The paleness. How thin she’s become. They’ve never noticed the angry red scars running along her arms. How broken she really feels. She knows she deserves it. She takes another step forward, and another, and another. Her toes dangling over the edge. One more step and she slips. Finally leaving his life, no longer his burden. She loves him and this is her way of making his life better. Falling to the ground she clings to his picture. Never letting go.

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