Summer Love

June 17, 2014
By Anonymous

“I…I didn’t know, I’m sorry” I started fiddling with my hands. I felt her warm hand on my forearm, slowly moving up and over my biceps. Finally gliding along my jawline to rest on my cheek. She turned my head so my face was only inches away from hers. I could smell her sweet breath, like honey on toast. Her lips were so close to mine I could barely handle not kissing her. But she dragged on the moment like one would savor the last bite of a delicious dessert. My hands were lamely folded in my lap but I was aware of her hands running down my chest to my legs where they stayed, driving me crazy.
She had a slight smirk playing on her mouth. I leaned into kiss her but she pulled away. I figured she wanted to be in control of the situation so I relaxed my body as best I could. She pressed her whole body against mine and I could feel every muscle under her skin.
She leaned in to kiss me, finally. But it was a quick kiss, lips lightly touching. Her hands at work, unbuckling my jeans and pulling them off. I tried to lift up her shirt but she pushed me back onto the bed, grabbing my hands and holding them above my head while kissing my neck stretching down to my chest, stomach. So close.
She paused, looking at me. Her eyes told me she wanted me to take over. I grabbed the hem of her shirt and tugged it off. Gently flipping her back to the bed so I was on top of her. I straddled my knees across her legs and, while kissing her fiercely, worked off her pants. She made satisfied sounds as I took off her underwear and explored unfamiliar territory with my hands. She tried to grab at my shoulders to pull me closer but, just as she made me wait, I made her wait...

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