Of Clocks and Soul Mates

May 13, 2014
By SymphonyLaine BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
SymphonyLaine BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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It’s midnight, and I’m restless. I’ve always had a hard time falling asleep, and tonight seems to be no exception.
My Soul Mate Clock- attached to my wrist like everyone else’s- is set to go off in 2 hours, but I can’t seem to do anything other than lay here…
1 hour and 30 minutes left.

Finally I decide to get up, brush my hair and unwrinkle my clothes. I hope that my Deathly Hallows tee and black cardigan aren’t too wrinkled. I brush my teeth, trying to waste a little time, and sneak downstairs for an apple. I slide my favorite gray Toms onto my feet and get ready to head out with my phone on silent and in my pocket. My mom wanted to curl my hair or put it up earlier, and to make me wear a dress, but I couldn’t even bear to put on mascara. I was too nervous and panicked to do anything but pace, and I was trying not to look desperate or fake.
Before I leave, I grab my pristine hardcover copy of the Half-Blood Prince, but set it back down, not sure what to do. I close my eyes for a second and grab a new book instead and hope it will occupy my frantic mind.
“2. A.M.? Why 2 A.M.?” I think to myself, my breath shudders slightly as I hope this April night isn’t too cold.
I walk out the door and walk towards the ravine trail. Maybe I just need a few minutes to calm down. It is a little chilly, but it is overall a nice night. I thank God that it isn’t raining, or snowing, or 10 below. I slide my headphones into my ears and press random, silently hoping for some Ed Sheeran. Something a little slower.
I immerse myself in the music, and close my eyes while I walk slowly. The orange street lights are off, possibly due to the full moon.
Within a few minutes, I find my favorite spot by the lake, a little bench next to a large rock that overlook the lake. But instead I decide on a different bench that has a beautiful view of the full moon and starry sky.
1 hour 7 minutes…
Time just won’t move fast enough, I’m jittery, and I can’t seem to focus on anything. After a few minutes of heart pounding stillness (instead of the late-night serenity I was expecting), I got up to take a walk around the block.
Bzzzz…. My phone vibrates, and I see that my best friend is texting me. I take out my headphones as I read her message.
“How much time is left?”
Click. Click. Click. “1 hour, 4 minutes, 13 seconds.” I reply.
“You nervous?”
“Yep. Can’t stay still, can’t stop wondering what he’ll think.”
“He’s going to love you !” she says “You’re beautiful, and your heart is even more so.”
“Just remember to smile!!”
“Of course!”
I jump from rock to rock over the pond, just to waste time.
57 minutes left…
“Ugh!” I can’t help but think.
I walk back to the other side and sit down against a tree close to my favorite bench. Then I pull out my new book and start to read, but after a few minutes my head slumps onto my chest despite my nerves.
Beep! A small little beep comes from my clock. I wake up with a start-
2 minutes! What?
I stand up and pull my phone out of my pocket and start to fix my hair using the front-facing camera.
1 minute 11 seconds.
I start to get jittery, but then I decide to sit down on my favorite bench- hoping that sitting down could manage to keep me from looking desperate or nervous.
47 seconds.
“Oh god, please let him like me!”
30 seconds.
I start chewing a piece of gum, and use one last spray of perfume.
23 seconds.
I start looking around despite myself.
14 seconds. “Please God, don’t let me act crazy!”
7 seconds- 6!
5. “why did I wear this shirt?”
4. “What is he going to look like?”
3. I force myself to look straight forward.
2. I hear the sound of running on grass.
1. I turn around.
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beautiful, warm, chocolate brown eyes meet mine.
“Hi,” I say breathlessly

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