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The Ring

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“Hello, I’m Carson Murphy, Fiancé”
Its hard having all these eyes on me, but I have to keep going.
“Beau and I have a wonderfully crazy story. You all know Kennedy, Beau’s ex-wife, well I met her as Dr. Chapman. I have Parkinson’s disease and she was my main motivation. She got me through each day making sure I got everything I needed. In other words, she was my hero. Through her, I later on met Beau. We immediately clicked and we both knew we had to get to know each other better. After running into each other at the clinic and exchanging numbers we started going on dates.”
I looked out and watched people stare blankly right back at me, hardly noticed I paused.

“After about the 10th public outing we had together over the course of around 3 months, he decided to talk to Kennedy about separation. Although Beau never really spoke about how he broke it off with his wife, I knew it couldn’t have gone well. The check-ups that I was the reason for her break up, but because she was hurting from their separation, he thought it had been coming for years now.”
I stopped myself to take a breather and browse the room.

“After Beau and Kennedy’s divorce was final, things between Beau and I became serious. He proposed to me and who was I to say no to the man I truly loved? Soon after, we set a date for tying the knot. Neither of us had never been so happy, but something was still bothering him, I could tell. I told him to call Kennedy and he did, they had talked for hours that something was still between them, but I chose excitement over doubt and worry. It was a mistake.”
People weren’t on the edge of their seats with my story, but I was. And who said it was over anyways?

“a few days before our set date Beau was telling me how nervous he was and that he needs something to calm his nerves. I called Kennedy, Dr. Chapman, my doctor and told her the problem. She prescribed some stronger sleeping medicine. I was able to pick it up in 2 days, 1 day before the wedding. He took 3 tablets that night, but he didn’t sleep as well as he’d hoped. I eventually began to hear him snore though.”
Everyone seemed content, but off in their own little worlds. I didn’t care, this was my story and I was going to tell it.

“the next morning I woke up early and I let Beau finish his rest. I started my morning routine as usual, there wasn’t much to do because of how small the wedding was and how little stress was put on us. It was nearing 10:00 AM and Beau is always up by this time. I went back to check on him, I greeted him with a good morning and a light kiss on the fore head, he didn’t even twitch. I shook his shoulder a little until he rolled over, he was more limp than spaghetti. At first I thought he was playing around until I noticed how pale he was and just how awkward he was laying without a single move. All at once it came together, I screamed and ran to the phone; I trembled typing in 9-1-1 and was became breathless when I heard the first ring. They had picked up and I was still scrambling for words, all I could spit out was our address and before I knew it they were walking in the front door. I pointed to our bedroom where he still laid crooked on our bed. Later that night, I was told he overdosed on oxycontin. I was so confused. Then it hit me, those sleeping pills, Kennedys medication, she did this. I got up and drove to the house, I grabbed the pills and brought them straight back to the hospital. They identified as 50 mg oxycontin pills. I was so shocked, but not yet not surprised at all.
My audience seemed a little wide-eyed at my tone of voice.

I turned around and let a few tears fall, I started to walk over to the big wooden box. I traced the edge of the smooth side with my finger then slipped the diamond off my left hand and set it next to all the flowers with ribbons that read every name my fiancé had ever been called.

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