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True Love Fate

Once upon a time, there was a princess named lily who wanted to find her prince. There was a ball every year just so Lily could meet her true love. But none of the guys that came ever caught Lily’s eyes. So she gave up and she said,” we aren’t going to have a ball this year.” So they didn’t and Lily did something out of the ordinary. Lily never steps out of the castle but the night of which the ball should’ve been, she left to go get some ice cream. At the store, she didn’t look in to anyone’s eyes because she didn’t want to be recognized. When she gave the cashier the ice cream he looked at her and said,” hi, what’s your name?” she replied” Princess Lily, but please keep quiet.” He said,” my name is Prince Thomas and I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world!” She looked at him and analyzed how cute he was. He asked her out on a date and Lily said yes. Even though she didn’t find her prince at the royal balls, she left her comfort zone and surprisingly found him!

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