When I Look At The Stars I Think Of You

April 2, 2014
“A star is a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity.” Every evening when the clock stroke midnight seventeen. year. old Lauralee would take her torn, silk and red blanket outside. She planted the blanket out onto the night’s unkempt, meadow grass right next to the tranquil and radiant garden her mother had once planted. The garden had an array of beautiful flowers like calla lilies, carnations, orchids, pear blossoms and her mother’s absolute favorite sunflowers. The sunflowers always seemed to be the tallest flowers in the garden bursting with a shade of yellow that could somehow make Lauralee smile no matter what her mood was.

Upon setting the red blanket down Lauralee would lie body outstretched towards the sky her rosy cheeks and gleaming smile could resemble a six. year .old child successfully making a snow angel for the first time. Lauralee was not a normal teenager by any means, she believed that if she gazed at the stars keeping close attention to each star in the sky, her mother would magically reappear. Lauralee lost her mother at thirteen she believed her momma died for a reason.

Looking at the stars and the night sky gave Lauralee hope for better days. While staring at the sky all of her problems seemed to disappear. When she was one with the stars and the sky, her momma was with her.

Her next door neighbor Tom lived in a mahogany quaint home with his mother and father. Tom always kept an eye out for Lauralee. Although he did not know her he always knew where Lauralee could be found at midnight. Tom decided to do the most daring and brave thing a boy could do. One shimmering night when the sky seemed to be the clearest and darkest it has ever been, Tom tip toed across the street, he crawled over to the garden where Lauralee could be seen lying body outstretched towards the sky. Tom noticed the moon glistened like a dark blue ocean. He tapped Lauralee on the shoulder when Lauralee noticed the mysterious boy she turned around with a smile that blew away his soul. Tom gently held her hand and directed it to the brightest star in the whole sky and quietly said
“See that star, it reminded me of the women your mom used to be so I pulled a couple of strings and bought it for you.”
Lauralee grasped his hand even tighter than before, wiped the tear off of her hazel eye and gently spoke,

“You didn’t have to, for it was already mine.”

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