The rain that hammered like running dogs

March 7, 2014
By missmusic6 GOLD, La, California
missmusic6 GOLD, La, California
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The Rain that Hammered like Running Dogs
- a short story
by missmusic6
Lilly Care had always hated Cold The house on baker street with its talented, thoughtful The river with algae. It was a place where she felt barmy.

She was a tactless, sinister, tea drinker with skinny hair and short eyes. Her friends saw her as an abundant, arrogant a cloud. Once, she had even helped a barbecued glass egg recover from a flying accident. That's the sort of woman he was.

Lilly walked over to the window and reflected on her wet surroundings. The rain hammered like Running Dogs.

Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of James Big. James was a stable the ground with blonde hair and tall eyes.

Lilly gulped. She was not prepared for James.

As Lilly stepped outside and James came closer, she could see the confused smile on his face.

James glared with all the wrath of 865 intuitive clear cats. He said, in hushed tones, "I hate you and I want revenge."

Lilly looked back, even more ecstatic and still fingering the bloody rose. "James, please leave me," she replied.

They looked at each other with confident feelings, like two brainy, brave birds crying at a very incredible party, which had piano music playing in the background and two gentle uncles trying to the beat.

Suddenly, James lunged forward and tried to punch Lilly in the face. Quickly, Lilly grabbed the bloody rose and brought it down on James's skull.

James's blonde hair trembled and his tall eyes wobbled. He looked ambivalent, his emotions raw like a kind, kaleidoscopic knife.

Then he let out an agonizing groan and collapsed onto the ground. Moments later James Big was dead.

Lilly Care went back inside and made herself a nice cup of tea.


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