The Silent Night

February 28, 2014
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My screams for my beloved fill my ears. I walk across the street with my house in sight, the smell of burned wood runs through me as I get closer. I step on the shards of glass as I walk past my driveway. The house brought painful memories as I see it in shambles. My heart aches as I start to lose feeling in my body as I walk passed the door that used to be there, making my way to the kitchen. Memories strike me as I fall to my knees trembling. I look up to the heavens seeing the bright stars, where the ceiling should be, my eyes close and that night starts all over again.

It was the night of love and passion, the smell of love ran freely in the air, but that night quickly became a nightmare. I walk up the driveway to my house noticing the lights on and seeing my wife through the window, sculpting away in her studio. Joy fills my heart as I see her happiness shine like the full moon. I walk in, putting the roses on the counter as I turn on the propane furnace to make steak for dinner, putting the steak knife on the kitchen table. I sit and wait on the couch relaxing; the classical music fills the house as I begin to close my eyes.

I awake startled as a thunderous thud fills my ears. I rush upstairs seeing my wife’s sculpture smashed to pieces on the floor, looking at her as she just laughs. I carry her to the couch laying her down; rushing downstairs grabbing the flowers, candles and wine. I rush back up to the 3rd story dining room, dimming the lights as I set everything on the table. I drop to my knees giving her the bright white flowers, looking into her bright blue eyes as I receive her hand and walk her to the chair. I pour her some wine, both taking a drink. The wine intoxicates our bodies tasting the strong taste of fermented grape.

I tell her I have something for her in the car as I quickly get up and run outside. She waits, noticing the candles haven’t been lit yet, she grabs the lighter turning it on . . . I hear a terrifying boom behind as shards of glass impale my back. I fall against my car turning around to see flames flow through all the floors. I see her standing outside the window, her body scorched from the explosion. I look into her eyes in terror as she looks at me in pain. Her lips move making out, “I love you.” She lets go. I scream, feeling time slow down as I watch her fall. I run to her in pain as the shards move inside my back as they melted themselves in.

I drop to my knees next to her, I pull her up holding her, the smell of burnt flesh fills my nose, and agony begins to set in as my screams fill the silent night streets. Tears flow down my cheeks as the house collapses around me. The night stayed silent since.

My eyes open, tears running down my face. The moon shining down on me as I feel the steak knife on the burnt floor, passion fills my heart as I impale the sharp, long knife into my heart. The sharp pinch of pain runs through my body as the blood begins to flow down my chest as I slowly begin to fall asleep closing my eyes, seeing her with open arms.

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