Beauty and the Demon

January 21, 2014
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“I can’t see you anymore. We were fools to believe this would ever work.” Beauty said with tear filled eyes as she looked upon her Demon.

He held her hands in his and whispered, “Let’s run away together. Your parents cannot force you to love another, when your heart already belongs to me.”

More tears fell from Beauty’s eyes, as her dark, chocolate hair framed her whitened face. How could she ever explain to him that a betrothal is final?

She pulled away from him and softly spoke, “My love, my demon of the night, we cannot be together. Please don’t make this any more difficult than it already is. I’m going to be married and you still have your duties. I’m sorry, I have to go.”

“Beauty wait!” Demon called after his fleeing mate, but it was too late she was too far gone. Curses! Curses upon her parents! Demon thought to himself. He disappeared inside his home, a large, hollowed oak and paced back and forth. There had to be a way to keep her, to call her his. He also needed to see her again, but when and how? He walked around his abode and rapidly contemplated all his options; there is always something, always a way to change things. What did Beauty tell him so long ago when she first learned of the betrothal? He thought for a moment and then it hit him, there was an engagement ball, masquerade at that, to be held tonight. He ran over to his desk and dug through until he found the invitation she had given him. That’s when he would see his Beauty again, tonight at the engagement ball, and tonight maybe just maybe he could steal her away. Demon rushed over to his wardrobe and dug until he found his old dress suit, and his mask. It was red and black, and covered his face. No one would be able to recognize him in it, not even his Beauty. Quickly, he dressed and dashing outside he grabbed a single rose and then climbed upon his black horse and rode off into the woods towards the castle and his Beauty.

“Beauty? Beauty are you even paying attention to what I am saying child?” Nanny asked Beauty as she sat in her window seat watching the sun begin to set.

Nanny came over and shook Beauty gently and Beauty replied slowly, “Hmm?” Nanny shook her head, realizing that Beauty had not heard a word she said. Sighing, she helped Beauty up and out of her dress and into her ball gown. Adorning the black and red dress, Beauty walked over and picked up her butterfly mask, and tied the black silky ribbon round her head. Her hair had been done in a simple braid that crowned her, with some loose hairs gracefully falling upon her shoulders. Her skin was pale as the moon it seemed in this dress, but that didn’t bother her. Beauty’s mind was occupied by thoughts of her secret lover. How naïve of her to have even thought that they could be together. Her parents would never have allowed her to be with Demon, he was far too common for someone like her.

“Beauty are you ready?” Nanny asked.

Beauty nodded and left her room wiping away a silvery tear that escaped, she was getting married and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Time to grow up, Beauty thought to herself as she walked down the stairs. Breathing in Beauty stepped in the lively ballroom, allowing herself to be lost to the music.

Arriving at the palace gates Demon left his horse in the stable and walked up to the doors, showing his invitation he was let in, and once in he set about looking for his Beauty.

“You look beautiful as ever Beauty.” Groom said as he walked over to her so they could dance.

“Thank-you Groom, I appreciate the compliment.” Beauty’s voice was barely above a whisper as Groom led her onto the dance floor and they began to dance. Beauty’s mind wasn’t focused in on the dance, instead it was far away remembering the night of passion she had with Demon. What the hell was she doing walking away from him giving into her parents’ wishes? Demon was right her heart already belonged to him; she could never give it to another.

“Everything alright Beauty?” Groom asked as he twirled her.

Beauty froze; she didn’t know how to respond to that, she simply replied, “Yes, everything is fine.” They continued to dance until Beauty spotted someone in the crowd watching her. Excusing herself she went over to the stranger in the crowd and followed after him until he led her into the rose gardens. They stopped in the middle at the fountain, the pale moonlight barely lit the fountain, and the stranger stood in front looking directly at Beauty, and it seemed that he smiled at her.

“Who are you?” Beauty asked quietly, not wanting to scare him away.

The stranger smiled and walked over to Beauty proudly, and taking her in his arms he pulled her mask off and his and twirled her into a dip kissing her gently. As she was dipped, He whispered, “Your Demon, come to save you.”

Beauty hugged him tightly silent tears of joy freely flowing. How happy, how safe and secure she felt in his arms. There was no way she could marry another, none her heart already belonged to one.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“Will you accept my offer for us to run off together?” Demon asked her sweetly as he held her.

Beauty nodded and answered, “I will but first I must do something. I must get rid of the fool I’m damned to be with to be free once more. Meet me here at this very spot after midnight, and I will go with you my love.”

With those few words Beauty pulled away once more, but not before Demon kissed her again and told her he would wait. She smiled and ran off back to the ball before they realized she was gone.

The night carried on merrily, no one suspecting Beauty’s plans for the night. Shortly before midnight she complained of a headache and demanded that Groom take her to bed. Not wanting to disappoint Groom picked her up bridal style and carried her upstairs to her room. Groom laid her gently on the bed and bade her goodnight so he could return and enjoy the party. Before he left Beauty spoke and said, “Please stay, I would be awfully lonely in here if you didn’t. At least stay till I sleep. Would you like a drink?”

Groom hesitated before answering, “Alright Beauty, I shall stay, and yes a drink would be nice.”

Beauty smiled, nodded and walked over to her wine cabinet she had in her bedroom and pulled out a favorite wine of hers. Reaching into her bosom she pulled out a small crystal vial, filled with a sleeping reagent. Pouring all the vials contents into the goblet, she walked over and handed it to Groom who was sitting on her bed. First he simply took a sip but the flavor was addicting and he downed the whole goblet before too long. Beauty smiled and crawled into bed with him, and stroked his hair back.

“Lay back and be comfortable my Groom, it won’t be too long before I sleep.” Innocence poured from those words as Beauty laid Groom back. Mere moments passed and Beauty had not lied about it not being too long before sleep came, however it was Groom that slept and not her. Beauty’s eyes glowed red with blood lust, reaching over she pulled a jeweled dagger from her bedside table and placing the dagger to Groom’s neck she said a few words before the metal cut through his neck like butter. Blood splattered on her pale face, some of it even dripped from the few pieces of her hair that rested upon her shoulders. The red in Beauty’s eyes faded back to the beautiful golden green her eyes usually were, she was free once more.

Kissing Groom’s forehead she climbed down off the bed and changed from her ball gown into her traveling gown after rinsing the blood from her. The long silvery dress clung to her like glue, fitting to her perfect hourglass shape. She grabbed the belt and hilt of the dagger from her table and wrapped the belt round her waist, sheathing the dagger as she did. On her back was a small hunting pack that she had filled with some items she needed. Running onto the balcony of her room she climbed down the vine that was near and ran back into the rose gardens where Demon awaited.

Demon heard Beauty running through the garden, her footsteps soft as if though she was sneaking. When Demon saw her appear before him he embraced her, but noticed a peculiar scent.

“You smell of death my Beauty why?” Demon asked softly holding her close to him. While he held her he noticed a small black symbol appeared on her neck, the symbol for a killer. He himself adorned the same mark.

“You killed to be with me didn’t you?” Demon asked barely able to contain his excitement.

Beauty sweetly and innocently replied, “Of course Demon. I would do anything to be with you my love.”

Demon spun her around dipping her again, kissing her fervently. “I love you, my beautiful demon.” Demon helped Beauty upon his horse and they rode off into the woods, rode to where all the demons had gathered for Demon and Beauty’s union. The two were given rings and vows were made, that they would love each other forevermore. Beauty was also given a title of a demon, Beauty, demon of Lust. Her name changed forevermore from that of Beauty to Lust. She and her Demon lived together, happily, never again to leave each other’s arms.

And so ends the story of Beauty and her Demon. Beauty was marked by the choice she made to kill so she could be with her Demon forevermore. But did she care? No, she was free to love her Demon from now unto forevermore.

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