Dead Love

January 6, 2014
The moment Gregory Blaze laid eyes on her, he knew, in his gut, in his heart, in the weight of the knife in his hand, that she was his soul mate. He had never known something with such certainty, which is why he knew without a sliver of a doubt that the woman before him was The One. Gregory Blaze had always thought that the moment of finding his true love had evaded him, had always thought it had been a missed opportunity, in the way one misses a good sale at their favorite store because they’d been too lazy to get dressed that day. But there she was, in a blaze of glory, red dress ripped to shreds, pale skin torn and starting to peel in some places, rotted with the disease. Gregory wouldn’t have called her a monster, like he had all the others he’d disposed of, but a beautiful goddess come to rescue him a little too late.
Gregory Blaze found himself at a crossroads. He gazed at the love of his life, who slowly dragged herself towards him, having been knocked down by him before he’d gotten the opportunity to look into her milky, blue eyes. But now he felt the urgent need to grab one of her dainty hands and pull her up into a new life with him. His other option was to use the knife in his hand on her, placing a sizeable hole through her eye, effectively killing her, leaving her in the middle of the abandoned highway his group had been traveling on. He absolutely cringed at the thought of hurting her. Faintly, he heard his name being desperately shouted, but he decided to ignore the voices. Gregory made his decision then, not a difficult one he would have confessed later, if he’d been able to confess after making his decision. He threw his knife to the ground and lunged towards his love, diving in for the embrace that would seal his fate.
After the searing, fire-like pain entered his body through his swollen, bitten shoulder and exited through the tiny explosions in his brain, he felt a peace he’d never experienced in his old life. As he rolled away, he felt a transcendence of the soul he would have confessed felt a lot like falling from a sky scraper building, if he’d been able to. All he was able to do was yell from the pure agony his body was undergoing as it changed its entire living anatomy into a dead one.
Once Gregory Blaze opened his eyes, he knew his decision had been a good one. Miraculously, the pain was gone, his shoulder felt perfectly muscular and healthy and he was able to jump up and shake off the dirt from his clothes. He felt strong as he neared his soul mate. She looked up at him, a confused pucker appearing between her beautiful eyebrows. Her brown locks fell over one of her clear, blue eyes.
“Help me. I’m afraid I can’t stand up. I don’t know why, though,” she said, her voice soft and melodic. He pulled her up and towards him. A bright smile lit up her face like a sunrise as her eyes met his.
“You’re my soul mate, aren’t you?” She asked in wonder, her fingers intertwining with his.
“Gregory Blaze.” He murmured with the warmth true love can only give.
“Samantha Sparks.” She murmured with the warmth only being truly loved can give.
And then Gregory Blaze kissed Samantha Sparks for the first and last time, because they both promptly received gun shots to the head. Because they were zombies. And they were dangerous.

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