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Days Gone By With Blurred Horizons

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I realized I loved you the moment we were jumping on the trampoline and I fell over and we laid there, right next to each other staring at the stars. I couldn’t find the brightest star because my glasses were off I couldn’t see very well. It was still beautiful, a small breeze and the winter chill, but it was okay, we weren’t cold. We were shoulder to shoulder. I didn’t know if I was able to grab your hand and hold it, I was nervous. The warmth of each other was magical and i felt comfortable right next to you.

We turned over looking down through the trampoline at the leaves. We eventually turned over and I stared at you, you stared at me. I moved my hand in closer so our hands were touching. The coldness seemed to disintegrate, because I was right next to you. “Skylar, your mom is here!” My own mother called. We didn’t move a muscle, just stayed right next to each other. “Finn!! Skylar’s mom is here! Lets go!” My mom called again from the house. We walked inside, Skylar ran down to the basement grabbing her belongings and I followed her up the stairs.

As usual with parents, they started talking forever. Skylar and I snuck out into the front. I shut off all the lights so we could stare at the stars. I still didn’t have my glasses on, but I could clearly see her beauty. I started humming and we laughed and talked. Skylar’s mom came outside, grabbed Skylar and drove off. I missed her already.

I walked back inside and put on my glasses and walked back outside to stare at the stars. I knew Skylar was there because I saw her up in the sky. The brightest star, I finally found it. I sat there pondering, I hadn’t finally found it. It was here all along. I pulled out my phone and texted Skylar right away.

ME: I just saw you a few minutes ago outside

SKYLAR: Right now??

ME: Like a few seconds ago

ME: You were the brightest star in the sky

Skylar: Why are you acting weird?

ME: I’m really tired

I lied, I wasn’t tired at all, I didn’t want to be weird so I just decided to change the subject

ME: Anyway, what are u doing right now?

SKYLAR: Finn why did you say that?

ME: Because I did

I felt very awkward, I didn’t know what to say.

ME: I dunno why I said it

SKYLAR: Well it was sweet

I finally spilt out how I felt

ME: Because, I think your beautiful and your like the brightest star in the sky

SKYLAR: Do you seriously think that?

ME: Yeah

SKYLAR: Well that was very sweet of you.

“Finn! Were going out to eat!!” My mom called from the other room. “Dang it!” I said. I wanted to keep texting, but I had to go and I didn’t want my phone taken away.

ME: Were going out to eat. I’ll talk to you later! *hugs*

SKYLAR: *hugs*

I knew right there and then, I really liked Skylar Green, but was I, Finn Lonson a 13 year old, ready to be in a relationship?
Years later

I was daydreaming again. I couldn’t focus, my mind was running circles. The teacher was talking about Algebra 2 or something. The bell finally rung and I stood up, grabbing my books and left. I walked through the hallway. “FINN!!” I heard from behind me. I turned around and smiled. It was Rocket. “Hey dude, you, me and Jack, the game, tomorrow.” Rocket said to me opening his locker. “I dunno, I have a lot of homework.” I said shrugging my shoulders walking away. “Screw homework, you coming or not?” He called after me. I gave him a thumbs up.

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Eamonn.W said...
today at 6:36 pm:
Oh, sorry guys, just noticed a issue. The last paragraph happened years later. The years later text was supposed to be bolded, so you guys could tell it changed years! Sorry for the issues!!!
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Eamonn.W said...
today at 6:34 pm:
Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who has read the first chapter! Leave comments below telling me what you think and what you think will happen in the next chapter! Keep posted for Chapter 2, going up sometime soon
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