Something Beautiful

October 31, 2013
Her lip gloss stained lips could not hold any more secrets. Like a princess needs her prince, she wanted to be beautiful. Perfect. The golden blonde strands of her forever straight hair did nothing to mask what she really felt. Empty. His eyes in her rearview mirror as she drove far, far away. Unforgiving. The curve of his neck as he kissed her goodbye, the brush of his lips on her skin. Unending and graceful. Their final farewell a broken record playing over and over. And over. It was over.

Her beautiful, perfect love was no longer. For there is no such thing as perfect love. How could he have taken her beauty with him when it was all that she had, and everything she carried with her. If she could have, she would have broken the entire length of her life across his face until it shattered like the image that stared back at her from the bathroom mirror. Like a rose tossed onto the snow covered ground, her beauty was gone. His pleading voice became an animated being of her very own creation as the silence she so longed for was replaced by the effervescent feeling that she didn’t belong. Life was no longer beautiful. For how could it be without the one you love beside you? When the world was turned upside down and no one could hear her screaming, who would comfort her unsettled soul? Nothing but the cold winter breeze would whisper her goodnight. And only the sun’s promising lies would convince her of the need to wake. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But without the beholder to see, only her own reflection would be left to decide if beauty was to be found.

Her lip gloss stained lips whispered goodbye to the cold hearted figure staring back at her. Closing the door, she slipped away to her kingdom. Dreams of her beautiful prince drifting her away into forever.

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