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I Like, Love You

"I like you" I told her in the midst of one of our texts. Parting a friendly Goodbye before she could say anything. Everyone always says I like you, but I'm telling you this with no expectations. When really that's all we want. What's the point of telling someone you like them if nothing comes of it? You wait and you wait for them to like you back. Wait for them to see you've been standing here all along. Waiting for the day you get your chance. Until its to late and you've been "friend zoned". Not that its ever spoken but its felt, its obvious. You find yourself heartbroken by someone who doesn't care or doesn't know. You sit staring at the pictures the two of you have taken together, listening to the sad songs like the end of a relationship. Imagining what could only happen if the feeling was mutual. If she had felt the same way. If you were able to pass her in the hall and kiss her. What it would feel like, to be kissed by someone you love? Someone you "love"? The word slipped through my fingers like it was memorized in my brain or in the pattern of my limbs. My brain said one thing and my heart another. But It doesn't really matter anyway. The feeling isn't mutual, I am yet again alone.

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Kindle said...
Oct. 20, 2013 at 7:39 pm
I would avoid generalisations, if I were you. It would've touched me a lot more if there was an actual protagonist being friend zoned and not me. Also a bit more suspense might be in order, but I rated it 5 stars anyway ^.^
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