Stefano's Dilemma

October 7, 2013
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Sweaty palms, second thoughts, and a queasy stomach were all the feelings going through Stefano as he was reciting through the love note to himself in class. Deciding if he should or shouldn’t do it. Leaning back at his desk in his calculus lecture all hot and confused, he began to think of all the factors that could potentially happen while looking through the window as flakes after flakes of snow descended from the sky of the dark glaring winter.

“What is she going think of me if I give her the note”?
“She’ll probably think of me as a creeper, if not then she’ll probably use me.”
“I mean, the last time I had dated a girl, she left me after she thought I lied about buying a new car.”

After class, Stefano walked through the halls and heard his crush’s name and a thump struck right through his heart. It was the name of the girl he had been crushing for years. Her name was Marzia. She came in to the school district as a foreign exchange student from Italy in middle school and little Stefano instantly fell in love when he saw her for the first time. As Marzia passed Stefano, Stopping in the hallway she turns to Stefano.

The feeling was like as if it was illuminating with warmth. Her eyes were bright blue, filled with mischief, so alluring that they complimented her origin. Not only were her eyes reflecting the vision of a belle, but her body revealed an exotic aura. The scent was so unique and uplifting that Stefano stood in place completely disoriented whilst his mind was drowning in love. As Marzia was approaching, he began to contemplate on his decisions, and his face began to emerge with beads of sweat. Unfortunately, he was lost for words.

“It’s really cold outside isn’t it?”

“Yeah unfortunately, but at least you have a cute scarf on to keep you warm.” <Smiling>

“Well, why thank you <blushed while curling her hair> and I’ve noticed your new jacket. It fits very nice on you. Burberry isn’t it?

“Yeah it is, it was a gift from my mom during the holiday season.”

“You know what? I’ll meet up with you after school at the cafe like we said before but, for now I have to do my speech presentation first in Drama club okay?”

“Sounds good I’ll see you later!”


“Was it awkward that time?”
“I mean after all we’re friends in the first place”
“I wonder if she just wanted to get away from me.”
<Stefano takes a deep breath>

The cold was unbearable that evening while walking through the streets of New York City. Stefano could feel frost as he exposed his neck from brushing his scarf. The only sounds in the winter chaos were the icy winds beating against the crowd of people going about their day. The snow thriving as the temperature sunk lower and lower. As he hoped to arrive earlier to the city cafe for a warm drink to rejuvenate his cold beaten body before telling Marzia, she was already there sitting cross legged waiting for him.

<Marzia quickly fixes her hair as she sees him>
“Hey Stefano!”
“I want to be honest and I have something to tell you…”

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