Love in Death

October 10, 2013
My soul, you are amazing and beautiful. I know you hear that alot but its true but try to believe it.
My soul, look outside and find a reason why to smile. Please do no harm to yourself. The scars will never you but your darkeness can.
My soul, rejection tears you apart inside, like there is a black hole banged into your heart but know it okay. We all get banged up some days.
My soul, you have so many scars . Your going insane, please let me hold you. Im terrifeid to loose you. If you could only see I'll always be here even though their not.
My soul, i miss you and ill never see you again. I want to scream because I didnt stop you. Your precious face is so pale cold against the blood all over the floor. My heart is with you now and I'll never have to loose you again my love.

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maroon5lover said...
Oct. 13, 2013 at 7:11 pm
this was amazing i read it like 5 times already 
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