Love Is

October 6, 2013
Love is a beautiful thing. Without it, we would be alone; lost, empty, and without purpose. Love is what keeps us settled. It's what keeps our hearts grounded, and our souls eased. Love lights a fire, even in the darkest of times. Love is a shadow, knowing our every movement, yet never choosing to leave our sides.
Love is the greatest of all prophecies, it is the greatest force. Love is a need for all living things, love satisfies. Love is about promise, it is about truth and it is about acceptance. Love captures all the small moments, all the small words, all the tears, all the smiles, every touch, breath, kiss, dance. Love never says goodbye - love is forever. Love changes people. It creates an impact - touching the hearts and the minds of even the most ignorant, selfish people. Love is a bond - it is a meaningful companionship. Love never does wrong - but instead expresses in what it has done right. Love brings people together in a natural process. Love does not select or choose - but instead reveals what is meant to be. Love knows of no secrets - but instead embraces in what it knows to be true. Love is not proud, love is not impatient or selfish. Love is acceptance of what is given. Love isn't perfection - love is revelation of all flaws. Love chases people - it follows throughout all troubles. Love knows of no distance, or ethnicity, or morals, or gender, or physical qualities. Love is love. Love is filling in the gap - love is the cure to all wounds. Love is real, and it is believable. Love doesn't borrow or trade - love is between two and two individuals only. Love doesn't bore or grow eerie. Love doesn't lack - but continuously expands. Love doesn't separate - it takes hold without letting go. Love isn't a question - but an answer. Love doesn't hesitate or doubt - it is a seal. Love is an art. It is an expression. Love is portrayed throughout all parts of life. Love is an attraction - love does not withdraw. Love captures - it creates futures. Love is miraculous - it strengthens, and brings courage, hope, faith. Love doesn't receive - love gives. Love is giving who you are to someone else without expecting anything in return. Love knows of no standards or high expectations - love isn't a want - it is just what we feel. Love doesn't see with the eyes, but instead feels with the heart. Love isn't about luck - it is a destiny. Love is character - love is attraction to another person despite physical characteristics. Love doesn't run out breath - it is continuous. Love can't be seen, or heard, or held. Love is felt - it is sensed. Love is sacrifice - it provides for the betterment of another to the greatest extent. Love isn't partial, it is full. Love promotes differences - love can be a blend of different worlds, different cultures, different beliefs, heritage, upbringings, personalities, statuses. Love appreciates every detail -love is grateful, it is not taken for granted. Love doesn't die, love grows. Love isn't shameful - it is a proclamation. Love isn't judgmental, it isn't picky or vein. Love isn't lazy - it is a battle, it is a journey. Love speaks - it doesn't hide or hold back, it is open. Love is turning down temptation, it is being faithful. Love remembers, it never forgets. Love isn't what we are taught - love is trying new things. Love is discovery - it is stepping outside comfort zones. Love is experience. Love is flourished.

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