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A Trip I'd Never Forget!

It was like the day I first met him nervous but excited this is how I feel right now on this trip. So nervous my heart might jump out of my chest, so excited I have butterflies in my stomach. He puts his hand on mine and says “Don’t worry this will be a trip you’ll never forget!” I look at him and smile. As we get closer to Ecuador I grab his hand he grabs back tighter I lay my hand on his shoulder he whispers in my ear and says “babe don’t worry they will love you! My parents told them your amazing.” I smile and I say “I hope…” as we make our way through the lobby looking through all the people we hear a loud scream “Kevin!!” we turn around and his sister runs to us and his family greets us gives Kevin big hugs and kisses, Kevin introduces me his family already make me feel like part of the family. We get to the car the sun is setting the sky is this beautiful red/orange/blue color as we get to Kevin’s families house I notice the water is crystal clear and if you look close enough you could see all the fishes swimming. Later that night we get ready to go out to dinner at this really cool restaurant, as the wind blows it brings over the nice cool sea air. The smell of the food smelled fantastic… after we get home the whole family took a nice long walk on the beach the sand still warm from the blazing hot sun beaming on it since 5:00a.m the water felt absolutely amazing. After the walk Kevin and I said goodnight to the rest of the family and we went in our room, lay down and watched movies. The next morning Kevin’s sister took us out for breakfast and we got to know each other a lot better and we even have a lot of things in common. The next few days has been a blast we did so many things I only could name a few like we rode dolphins their skin soft and silky like a cloud, rode horses and so much more exciting things. Our last week was approaching quickly; Kevin’s parents came out to see us. It was so sweet this final week we went out to dinner all week it was so much fun, our last night we went out to dinner for his sisters birthday as we were getting desert I saw Kevin get up and go to the back I asked his sister if he was ok? She replied with a big smile on her face “Yea, he’s fine.” I said “Ok” I saw Kevin come back I thought he dropped something until I saw him get on one knee I couldn’t believe my eyes… he said “Alexus?!” I smiled and said “Yes baby?” he said “we’ve been together for 6 amazing years! Some good and some bad times but it made us who we are today, and I wouldn’t change anything about it… will you marry me?” I started to tear up and finally the words came out my mouth “YES!! Baby I will marry you!” everyone was so happy for us congratulating us and his family said “Finally! Welcome to the family beautiful!” I said “thank you” the next morning we had to leave to go back to New York I had an amazing time… Kevin was absolutely correct this would be a trip I’d never ever forget!

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