The coldest question has the warm answers…

September 6, 2013
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Winter is the coldest season of the year but if you look deep into nature world, even the coldest of winter have stories that can warm your heart. I do not know who said this but it was quite true.
It was dark all over and the moon only the source of light, lighting the aura. In addition, the chill snow has engulfed the whole city into white sheet. The cold lurking in snow and the chill breeze blowing slowly as the snow drizzled. I was strolling near hostel premises enjoying the chillness of nature. I open my glove to feel the chill and crispy snow on my hands. I loved this winter season and that too especially when there is snowfall.

A beautiful face was oscillating in my mind, which kept on warming my heart in this winter also. When I reached near our garden, I found a girl sitting on the bench. Her face was barely visible as she was staring at somewhere else. I sat on a bench near to her. I found that the girl who was sitting there was the same girl who was warming my heart in winter! She turned and looked at me. Perhaps she is also here for the same reason for what I am. Her soft lips stretched to a beautiful curve that made me smile too. She was wearing the black salwasr kamiz her neck was surmounting with white chuni. Her hairs were having white speckle formed by snow that gave look of stars in sky.
‘Hey Amrit’, she blinked.
‘Hi Roshni ‘, I greeted enthusiastically

She was my class meet. Very occasionally, we use to talk, but whenever we talked, it goes awesome! She was the hottest girl in my class. However, to say frankly there was one more girl who looked awesome than Roshni, but I did not like her. The thing was she uses to take pride of her beauty. That reason was more than enough for not liking her. Moreover, this types of
Girls go gaga over money. I do not want to do any stupidity by spending money on her. Unlikely she, Roshni never wore any tempting dress to attract boys. She was unique on herself!

‘If my guess is right, you love winter or snow or may be both, is not it?’ I said and smiled. ‘Yeah, how do you know that?’ she asked little surprised
‘I told you it was a guess and I was more sure because who will come out in this winter season, and that too in night.’ I admitted and smiled looking at her. I added ‘And I am also here for the same reason here’
‘Hmm… so you didn’t me about this.’ She asked, and gave a cute look that we rarely seen in our life.
‘Actually I never got the chance to say’ I said as I leaned on my bench. She chuckled. Her voice was appealing and so was her expression.
Now she stared staring at the moon. Certainly, she was wondering somewhere else. After few minutes of comfortable silence, suddenly she spoke,’ the moon is beautiful, isn’t it?’
‘But the moon is not more beautiful than you are’ I thought of saying it but, I said ‘yes’ as I was unsure of her reaction.

‘Shall I ask you one question?’ she asked, helping her hairs behind her ears. The way she did made me fall for her. The cutest thing in her face was red hint cheeks. I would love to pinch it softly if she allows me to do so.
‘Sure, go ahead’, I allowed, I wonder what would be her question.
‘What is the most inspiring phenomenon in nature’ she asked, smiling knowingly.
I thought for while but it question was quite difficult.
‘I guess, hmm… climate change.’ I answered
Nope, not up to the mark’ she smiled. She added, ‘Its transformation of a caterpillar to butterfly.’ I knew that she use to ask lots of question to her friends. As she was very much fond of nature and I am very much fond of her.

‘Here my next question goes’ she revealed. Oh, god I do not like question in a romantic time also if she ask question like this it would be like killing romance time. However, the best thing about girls is boys never get bore if the girl is hot. Therefore, I nodded.
‘The things which have no boundaries, what it is?’ she asked inquisitively.
What it could be? The answer was very easy!
‘Universe’ I answered quickly.
‘Impressive, it’s correct’ she said, my chest lifted in pride as if I won Oscar! She added ‘what is the most fasted thing in our Universe?’ she asked
‘It’s deadly easy question Roshni, light!’ I said.

‘No…’ she said, ‘I knew you would say that but answer is mind’. While she was saying the answer, I got a brilliant idea!
‘It is now my turn to ask.’ I said. She was astonished for a while. Slow and steadily, she was conquering my heart, and if this quote is true: ‘slow and study wins the race’ then she will really conquer my heart!
‘Okay’, she allowed and raised her eyebrow.
‘What is the most selfish one letter word?’ I asked. May be the question was difficult.
She thought and thought but could not get the answer at last she gave up. ‘I don’t know, better you say’ she admitted, looked curiously.
“The letter is ‘I’” I reveled, smiled.
‘Excellent!’ she said.
‘Next, what is that thing, which makes your life heaven, when you have it and hell when you lose after gaining it’ I asked, it was simple question. She looked up as if answer has written in the sky. Perhaps, the answer was very close to her.

‘Well its love isn’t it?’ she said, stared in my eyes. Possible that moment was my best moment of life. I wanted her to stare at me like that forever. What a moment that was! Wind was playing with her hairs. It seems like I was in heaven. I was in love with her. When it happens I do not know but I know one thing, it is really bliss.
‘Certainly, yes’ I said, ‘what is the most beautiful thing in this world?’

‘Nature’ she snapped. Her hairs were longing to kiss her eyes, she again remove it.
‘Sorry to say its wrong answer’ I said and came closer to her and sat beside her. I draw my face near to her ears and whisper, ‘you’
I do not know how it happened. I did not even think of consequence and just went blindly. It has truly said ‘love is blind!’ She was amazed for a while and after few seconds her face transfigure into a blush smile.

She looked into my eyes and even I do. I could also she the love in her eyes. Her eyes were speaking to mine and slowly it closed. Our face started heading slowly near to each other. Soon her luscious lips molded in mine, twisting strangely. Even the cold that was lurking outside could not freeze our warmth ness. She draws her face back and so I. she looked away. May be she was feeling guilty. No, it must not be true. My heart was shivering in fear. I waited until she turns to me. After few minute, she turns but looks down. There was small smile in her face. I heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Roshni, one more question’ I asked, looking at her face. Perhaps she would be wandering what is next question. She nodded.
‘Recall all the question’s answered and spell it together. That is what I always wanted to say the day when I first time saw you.’ I said, smiled knowingly.
When she recalled it, her face lit up in glory and she hugged me.
Turn the pages and she the answers. I am sure that you will smile

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