Lights of the Stars

September 5, 2013
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Once upon a time, there was a little girl names June. She never got along with people that well and she normally preferred being alone. As you can tell, she didn't have many friends, or any friends. She wasn't the best at making friends either and it took her forever to get used to people, even if that person was her teacher.
June found herself alone. So alone. But, she didn't care at all.
Every night, she would look out her window and stare at the moon and stars.
"I wish I could go up there with the stars." She said.
She wanted to be free. She didn't want to have to make friends who would only eventually leave her.
She just wanted to be free.
June decided to try and get to the moon. Except, she didn't want to be an astronaut. So all she was able to do was stare at the moon and wish for it to happen.
One day, June met a boy named Felix. Well, more like Felix approached June first. Despite her shy personality, she was able to talk normally to Felix. They spent their days together. June told him about herself and he told June about himself.
Days turned into weeks.
Weeks turned into months.
Months turned into years.
June stopped staring out her window every night. She didn't need to. When she was with Felix, she felt free. Out of her bird cage.
Felix was actually dared to talk to the 'loner' (June).
But he couldn't help it. He fell in love. Of course he never told her his feelings. He was way to scared of that. Little did he know that June felt the same way too.
At some point, Felix told June, "I want you to continue to follow the light in your life and you'll always be happy."
June didn't exactly know what he meant. But she nodded.
Eventually, he asked her out. June blushed and stuttered. She accepted.
Date after date. They loved each other more and more. June decided to study space in university while Felix decided to become a doctor.
Their love was strong and true.
Soon enough June started looking out the window again, but this time, with a different feeling. It wasn't loneliness, it was with admiration and love. Felix had sparked her life and she was able to follow her dream.
"Will you marry me?" Felix asked.
June felt tears stream down her face when she saw him down on one knee holding out a ring for her.
On their wedding day, it snowed. The first snowfall of the year and they kissed under the slow drift.
Years continued to pass. They were happy. Felix was happy. June was happy.
After 30 years of being happily married (No children), Felix passed away.
June didn't want to believe it.
Her first and last love. Gone? Forever?
That's right. Forever.
She had cried for the first time in years. Never had she shed a single tear since Felix proposed to her. She just cried and cried.
She quit her job. She stopped everything.
June continued to look out the window, once again with loneliness, sadness and pain.
So much pain.
She opened the window and stepped out onto the sill.
Remembering every memory they had together.
She reached for the moon which was always out of reach.
Smiled and said,
"You were my light."

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Hanban12 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 26, 2013 at 6:09 pm
This is a great story, although a bit cliche. Other than that, the imagery was great and it was very captivating and interesting. Great job! Keep writing, please! :D
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