The Love Letters

August 10, 2013
He held her hand tight, their fingers entwined together. The softness of her skin he was akin to, but the feelings it aroused were different each time. His thumb traced the top of her hand gently as her beautiful eyes connected with his. He brought her hand to his lips, lightly kissing it. His lips pressed against each of her fingers, intoxicating her with romance, with love for him. His thumb traced her lips, making her tremble from his touch. Her moist lips against his finger made him shake. Her chestnut hair felt soft to his touch as he brushed it back behind her ear. She craned her neck as he stared deep into her eyes, as if asking permission to carry on. He leaned in, and their lips connected. Slowly and passionately he kissed her. The music crooned in the background as they faded away to their own world.

Four Months Later

She rose up, the morning light blindingly shining through the broken dusty blinds. Her brown hair was matted but still she was beautiful. She flung the sheets off and threw her legs over the edge of the bed. She stood up, and rubbing the sleepiness from her eyes she stumbled toward the bathroom. The white walls almost blinded her when she lumbered in. She kicked the dirty towels and random clothes to the side toward the hamper, which was neglected by far. She looked in the mirror and saw the horrid person staring back. With her hair a mess, bags under her eyes, and makeup smeared she shivered at the sight.

“Gross,” she said, “If looks could kill, dear god it would be world war three in here.”
She shimmied out of her shorts, and pulled off her tank top. After fully undressing she climbed into the shower. The water rushed over her, washing away all the groggy feelings that morning brought. Taking the shampoo from the shelf she squirted some in her hand and scrubbed her hair vigorously. Now feeling energized she turned off the water and stepped out to dry off. She dressed, pulling on new jeans and a white blouse, loose but still accented her curves. The towel wrapped around her head was now drooping as she unwound it. She took the brush and tried to tame the beast that lived on her hair. Barely making success she walked into the kitchen. She glanced into the living room; toys were strung here and there: Legos, fire trucks, coloring books and crayons littered the floor. She was defiantly going to clean this weekend. She began to cook breakfast; pancakes, bacon, and orange juice were a specialty now. She set the table then walked into the living room. She felt the pain shoot up her leg as she jolted her injured foot up. Hopping on one foot she picked up the Lego that had done the damage. The woman tossed it into the nearby toy bin and sat down on the couch. She turned on the T.V. and flipped to the weather channel. The man was pointing to a sun and rambling about fishing as the woman heard a moan from the hallway. She stood up faster than she sat down and smiled.
“Hey little man,” She whispered “Good morning.”
“Morning mommy,” the little boy groaned.

“Breakfast is waiting on the table, your favorite pancakes and bacon,” she stated
The little boy`s eyes lit up and he ran to the table as quick as flash himself. He tore into the food like cookie monster and he began to wake up. The mother laughed. Her normal life wasn’t so bad with that little fella around, she thought. She sat down at the table and ate her breakfast with her son. She smiled to herself and looked over at the living room. The briefcase and suit that lay on the recliner caught her eye. She sighed, and then went to call the babysitter. This day was going to be a long one.

The restaurant was empty when she arrived. Her hair was pulled up into a pony tail, her blouse was tucked in her jeans and her apron was already tied around her waist when she pushed open the doors. The smell of greasy french-fries and sizzling steaks filled her nostrils.
“Good morning Allison,” Mac yelled.
“Morning Bigmac,” She replied as he tossed her smile.
Mac, or BigMac was Allison’s boss. He was rounded at the gut, short, and sprouted a thick black mustache under his relatively large nose. BigMac was always happy, the kind of boss that calls all the girls darling and takes up a fatherly role. He was kind of a mix between Mario and Santa Clause. Allison loved him like a father. She was lucky to have a boss like him.

Allison looked at the clock, 8:30. She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down in her booth. Every time she came to work or even came to eat at Mac`s she had always sat in the same red glittered booth. The booth was in the back along the wall closest to the kitchen doors. Allison sat closest to the window like she had for years. She felt the cool moisture on the window and at the same time the heat from the nearby kitchen. She could smell food beginning to cook for the early risers around town. She sipped her coffee taking in its strong scent. She stared out the window as Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers droned from the speakers overhead. Her eyes drifted down to the ring around her finger. The diamond glinted from the neon lights outside. As she twisted it around and studied it she smiled a sorrowful smile. The door bell jangled and the first customer drifted in. Before she stood up something caught her eye. A white envelope was wedged in between the napkins and the steak sauce. Her fingers grasped it slowly and she pulled it from its place in between the condiments. Her breath hitched and her heart fluttered as she read the words written on the front. Allison’s legs turned to jelly as she collapsed into the booth. Her hands began to shake and swallowing became nearly impossible as she read the words again to reassure herself. It read: To My Ally.

She trembled as she turned the letter over, preparing herself to open the letter. She ripped open the thin envelope, revealing a small letter. Her breathing slowed, barely keeping pace with the soft music that she was oblivious to. She unfolded the paper, revealing a long letter scrawled in cursive. Her eyes locked onto the heading and began to read, holding her breath the whole time.
To my dearest Ally,

I know times have been rough lately and I’m sorry that I haven’t been there to help you through it. I would give anything to be sitting beside you right now, running my thumb across the top of your hand as I stare deep into your eyes. Sadly, that is impossible at the time and I’m deeply sorry my love. Writing this letter is bittersweet. Knowing that the words I write are being read by your beautiful chocolate eyes, but bitter that I cannot be there to see your smile as you read them. Ally my darling, this week you are about to encounter is going to be an adventure. Since I cannot be there physically, I will be there in your heart. For the next several days you will be embarking on an entire life’s journey. You will rediscover what love feels like and you will fall in love with me again. This letter will start it all. Right now I could guess you are sitting in your booth, coffee in hand and music playing softly. But what you may not recall is your sitting in the very place in which I first met you. You were wearing your apron, with a yellow blouse underneath, and tight blue jeans. Your hair was in a ponytail and your makeup was smeared. A small grease stain was just above your heart and I remember see the stress in your eyes. You were mesmerizing that day. When I heard your voice for the first time, I think my heart truly melted like the hot fudge cake you brought to me for dessert. I felt like I had a teenage crush again. I also recall that I went through a whole pitcher of sweet tea just by myself that day. Although my bladder disagreed I thought it was an excellent idea to get you to return to my table. I couldn’t get you off my mind that day, or any day after that. I made coming to Macs a regular event. No matter what kind of day o was having, one look at you and my stress faded away. Now I don’t expect you to know all of this but now you do. It wasn’t until three weeks that I recovered the nerves to ask you on a date. When you said yes, my heart lit up. Seeing your blushing face and hearing you giggle made my nervousness fade away. I didn’t know you all so well then, but now, knowing all the things that I do now, I know that I made the right choice by asking out the beautiful ponytailed waitress at Macs diner. I love you Ally. Keep me in your thoughts for you never leave mine. Await my next letter dear.

Love Dawson

Allison’s eyes were filled with tears as she read the closing. Memories were flooding back to those days when she only knew his name and nothing else. She sniffed and wiped her eyes, laughing through her tears at the letter. She shook her head, overwhelmed. Who could have put the letter here? The question ran through her mind, but she was unable to comprehend it. She slid the letter back into the open envelope then tucked it into her pocket. She put her hands over her face and took a deep breath. Where, she wondered, would the next letter be?

Allison spent her day checking for letters while she worked, and when she found nothing she left work disappointed. Allison sat behind the wheel of her car and turned the key, igniting the ignition. She shifted the car in reverse and backed out of the parking lot, leaving Mac`s Diner in the glow of her taillights. When upon arriving home Allison opened the front door and Maria, the babysitter, stood and then shortly left. Allison walked to her son’s room. From the glow of the rocketship nightlight she saw her sons face, pure and innocent in a deep sleep. She smiled to herself then tiptoed back out into the hallway. She trekked to her bedroom. Leaving the light off, Allison undressed, feeling the stress of the day fall away as her clothes did. She took the letter and put it into the nightstand drawer. She climbed into bed and stared at the ceiling. She noticed the moon casting ribbons of light through the window. She missed him. She wished he would just come home already and hold her. She slowly drifted to sleep, cuddling a pillow, that still held the smallest trace of Dawson`s cologne.

She fluttered her eyes open, smiling because she knew she was off today and that Kyle was at his friend’s house already. Allison stretched her arms and legs out, yawning as loud as she could. That felt good, she thought. She rolled over, checking to see what time it was. That’s when she saw it. A tiny slip of paper, with a single red rose. Her mind raced and her breathing slowed once more. She knew it was Dawson`s next note.
Ally, Good morning beautiful. You are truly most beautiful in the mornings, contrary to what you say. On the days that I awoke before you, sometimes I would lay on my side, my hand holding my head up as I watched you sleep. Your hair would be sprawled atop your pillow and you mouth slightly open. Oh how you was beautiful Ally. I would kiss you on your forehead, waking you, and that became a habit of mine. I don’t know if you miss that morning kiss but baby I do. This rose is a symbol of my love. Its crimson colored petals represent our passion, its green stem represents our strength and foundation of our relationship, and the smell, represents the sweetness and tenderness of falling, and staying in love with someone like you. It sharp scent lingers in ones nostrils just as you linger in my mind. Although unlike this rose our love will never fade, even in death it will not fade. Today Ally is a new day. Enclosed is a dinner ticket to the place where we had our first date. Follow the instructions and await my next letter.

Love Dawson

Ally felt herself crumble from within at his words. She picked up the rose and closed her eyes as she took in its sweet smell. She does miss his morning kisses. She misses everything about Dawson. As she sat the rose back down Allison picked up the enclosed items. The first instruction said: Go to the door and open the package. Allison stood up; in her underwear she walked to the door and opened it, finding a large package. Feeling like a kid on Christmas morning she tore off the tape and revealed the contents within. A large, red dress was folded neatly in the box. She removed the dress and laid it aside, finding a bottle of lavender bubble bath and a beautifully crafted necklace. The tears swelled in her eyes as she walked the things to her room. The next step said: Go to the bathroom, light some candles and enjoy a lavender scented bubble bath. Treat yourself. She smiled, lavender was her favorite and he remembered. Allison followed the instructions and trailed into the bathroom, lavender bubble bath in hand. With candles lit, warm water bubbling beneath her, and soft music playing, Allison felt herself relax more than she thought she had ever had, her mind, again, drifting to Dawson.

Drying off Allison threw on some clothes and walked into the living room. She began to clean the house which took all day. After her chores were complete she looked outside at the setting sun. Allison finally slipped the red dress over her body. The dress was stylish and had no back. She could feel the opening of her back and felt it was a little to revealing but ignored it. She hooked the clasp on the necklace and raked a comb through her long, brown hair. She pulled the heels from the closet that were described in the instructions. Looking in the mirror she was suddenly struck by the fact that she was wearing the exact outfit that she had worn on her first date with Dawson. She grinned, knowing without a doubt that Dawson truly loved her. The next instructions were rather different but yet she followed them.

As she pulled into the parking lot of Café de L'Amour, a fancy “bistro” on the East side of town, Allison let out a breath of air. The last time she was here she was with Dawson. She stood up out of the vehicle and gracefully walked to the doors. The doorman held the door open and tipped his hat as she walked inside. The lights were dim, making her vermillion dress look darker than it was. Candles flickered at each table as the smell of juicy, seared steaks and mouthwatering Chicken Alfredo wafted through the air. Instantly Allison became hungry, noting the fact that she hadn’t eaten that much today. A waiter, wearing an elegant suit asked if she had a reservation. Dumbstruck that she hadn’t a clue what to do she handed him the dinner ticket. Smiling, he led her to a small round table. A single candle flickered as the waiter took the ticket and went to put her order in. Dawson must have already placed her order when he bought the tickets because the waiter (Michael) knew exactly what her order was. Allison rested her chin upon her hand as she stared at the small flickering flame. She wanted Dawson here with her more than anything, wanted to look into his eyes instead of the flame. Her thoughts were interrupted with a glass of Cabernet. She took a sip from the crystal glass and smiled. She hadn’t had wine since… well she couldn’t remember when. Looking back at the candle her soul was filled with a deep feeling that she couldn’t spot, happiness? Sadness? She didn’t know. That feeling was replaced with excitement when she noticed the white envelope underneath the flickering candle.


This is probably hard for you, as it is for me. I hope you like the wine; I picked it out just for you. I remember our first date, how nervous I was when I picked you up. When your front door opened my heart skipped a beat. That red dress followed your curves and the necklace that was around your neck was to intoxicating to ignore. The smell of your perfume caught my senses like a love potion and you climbed into the car, wondering where I was taking you. Although it was a casual café like Cheddars, you were astonished by the atmosphere of the place. You are sitting in the exact seat in which you were sitting on that night. The candle was flickering, but I wasn’t watching the candle or even listening to the piano player, I was watching you. The flame from the candle reflected in your beautiful brown eyes, your lips red with lipstick drove me near mad. I reached across the table and placed my hand on top of yours. I remember how your skin felt as I traced my thumb across the top of your hand. I could see the look in your eyes. I believe it was at that moment, when our eyes connected, that I truly fell in love with you. Your wood colored eyes stared into my gray ones, connecting our souls, binding us to the future that we didn’t knew could possibly exist. That trance you put me in has never dwindled. After our dinner I took you by the hand and led you by the hand outside. The parking lot was empty as I offered out my hand. You looked at me funny, as if it were a joke. You took my hand and I pulled you into my embrace. My arm wrapped around to your back as your hands connected around my neck. The music slowly started, almost a whisper from the restaurant. We began to sway. Your head gently rested upon my chest as I kissed the bare skin on your neck. Chills went up my spine as you looked up and pecked me on the cheek. Something was so electric about your kiss. I faded into your arms, knowing that I had fallen in love with you Ally. That night was the true start of our relationship, and there has yet to be an ending, nor there will ever be, my love.

Love Dawson

Allison`s hands trembled as she finished the letter, her eyes wet with tears. The emotion of the letter poured out into her heart. She felt it; she felt his words, his love. The tears she had been holding fell. Her half eaten steak and glass of wine lay cold as she poured out her heart. She arose from the table after finding her bill paid and left. On the drive home she sniffed up her tears and kept cautious. She drove through town, mostly dark now. The red light flickered before turning green and she drove onward to home. Upon arriving, Allison noticed the bouquet of flowers on her front porch swing. She smiled, wondering who was doing this for Dawson. He couldn’t possibly be back in town so someone was helping him. She climbed the steps to find a trail of rose petals leading around to the back of her house. She followed, diligently, but unsure of what to expect. Rounding the corner, Allison couldn’t believe her eyes. A small garden of flowers had been planted, a stone pathway had been laid, a small fountain pond had been made, and a hammock had been hung. Her eyes filled with joyous tears as she walked along the path and examined the almost perfect handiwork. When she reached the hammock she froze. A note lay on the fabric, along with a book. Allison picked up the note and began to read:
Ally, I know you’ve always wanted a place like this to relax and I promised you one day when I was less busy id build it. Although I am busier than I have ever been, I had to do it sometime. Thanks to some friends I finally did it. Also, I hope you enjoy this book; it’s a romance, your favorite. Anyways I love you baby, tomorrow is coming fast, so if I was you id climb into bed and not even peek into that book. Goodnight baby girl, I love you

Despite Dawson’s request, Allison opened the book after she climbed into bed. She nearly had finished half when she looked at the clock and read 2:30. Closing the book she fell asleep almost simultaneously as the room went dark.

Allison woke up earlier than usual on her days off. She cooked breakfast, ate, cleaned up, then finally traveling to the backyard. More beautiful during daylight, the backyard was a thrill to Allison. Noticing more details than the night before, Allison examined the new items again. The stone walkway has intricate designs carved into them, and the pond had Koi fish beneath its waters. She smiled and plopped onto the new hammock. She rocked slowly, closing her eyes. When she opened them she noticed another white envelope hanging above her on the tree limb. She smiled, knowing what it was and realizing that she was getting used to the new routine of this surprise letter thing. She opened the letter, glowing with excitement.

Dear Ally,

How do you like the new hammock? I’m glad I finally got to give you it. Today will be different. You will visit many different places, each with its own memory. ( A list is enclosed) You may smile, and you may cry, but every trip down memory lane is worth it, no matter what we are left feeling like. Memory lane is almost like turning back time in a sense. Although we cannot alter our memories, we can either enjoy the fact that we made the memories, or vow to learn a lesson from them. All I ask is to keep an open mind, and no matter how painful some memories may be, don’t back down, keep going. Ally, I love you so much.

Love Dawson

Allison took in a sharp breath and sat up in the hammock. She was ready for today. She walked inside, dressed comfortably, and poured a cup of coffee before walking out the front door, ready to take a trip down her bittersweet memory lane.

Allison’s first stop was 5213 Stratler Avenue, her former home. In Dawson’s note he explained that no one lived there and had even enclosed a key. She walked up the steps and found a note taped the front door.

Here, Ally, was where we shared our first kiss. On your front porch after our second date, because I was too much of a wimp to kiss you the first time. I’m so glad I got to kiss those soft lips, even if it took me time. I’ll never forget the feeling that I felt when our lips connected for the first time.

Allison smiled to herself, recalling the memory herself before unlocking the door and stepping inside. She immediately spotted a note in the kitchen on the countertop. Walking over to it she remembered living here. She picked up the note.

Ally, this is the kitchen where we cooked when we didn’t go out to eat, or if we weren’t at my apartment. Multiple times I remember walking up behind you and wrapping my arms around your waist, gently nuzzling your neck. You always loved that. I also recall an icing fight in which you started. That icing ended up everywhere, your hair, my face. We flung icing in every which way we could. Cleaning up was still fun though. I miss our childish acts; they were romantic in their own way.
Allison toured the rest of the house, bringing back a multitude of memories. After the last note was found she left, going to the next place writing on the paper.

Allison opened the door to Dawson’s old apartment. He had a key to it, somehow unknown. The first note was lying on the large couch that sat in the center of the living room. She smiled as she read the words.

On this couch is where it happened, the exact thing that all couple fears to come. That’s right.. A Disney Movie Marathon!! Haha … Well not all couples were like us. Yes on this couch You and me cuddled under blankets, popcorn in hand and spent a weekend cramming ever Disney movies possible into our eyes. We laughed as we watched Nemo, cried while watching The Lion King, and sat on the edge of the couch while watching The Incredibles. Those were some fun times baby. I still miss it.
Allison laughed at his note and shook her head. She walked around the apartment recalling everything that had happened in the confides of the walls that surrounded her. She found a note hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room.
Ally, remember when I asked Why don’t we just dance? I do We cranked up that Josh Turner song and we DANCED didn’t we baby? We ran through the house, pushed back furniture, and danced all night. You giggled and I laughed, as we twirled and spun like a tornado throughout my apartment. We slept well that night. The sweat poured down our brows by the time we were done. That was a FUN night baby.
After reading that one she found one last note lying on his old bed.

Ally, On this bed.. we made a promise. Both of us wanted each other that night, there is no doubt in that. I took everything I had in me to stop myself from making love to you that night. You were biting your lip all night; I was staring into your eyes for an eternity. We didn’t make love that night, because of a promise we had once made before we even met. Purity. We both vowed to wait until after we were married. We both were so excited when finding out that we both wanted to wait. It was so hard that night, and many other nights, but that night was the night that I knew that I wanted to marry you, not to just get into your pants, but because I had fallen in love with a perfect woman whose beauty was perfection and morals was pure. I don’t regret any decision made that night.
Allison wiped a tear from her eye. She remembered the intensity of that night. She felt a turning point, and she was so nervous. When she told him of her promise, she expected him to leave her, but instead he surprised her with the same promise. She fell deeper in love with him that night. Allison left the apartment and switched on the car as she sped across town to the outskirts to her next destination.

She pulled into the long dirt road, a trail of dust left in her wake. As she slowed the gravels crunched like candy under her tires. She had arrived at Dawson’s Secret hideout. She trekked down a small trail, leading her to a small lake. On the bank she found the large rock mentioned in the letter. She overturned it and dug a small hole to find a wooden box. In the box were another note, flat river stones, and a notebook. She unfolded the note and read it slowly as the warm breeze blew her hair like chocolate colored curtains.

Ally, this place holds many memories. One specific night I recall though. That night I held you in my arms as we lay on our backs in the dew covered grass. We stared at the stars forever and talked about our hopes and dreams. When you asked me if I saw you in my future, I instantly replied. “Ally, you are my future.” Tears rimmed your eyes as I squeezed your body closer, wishing that we could stay that way forever. Another time, i remember taking you canoeing across the lake. I taught you how to fish, and when you landed a trophy fish I couldn’t help but bask in your prideful giggled. It’s your happiness that makes me happy. Your pride quickly faded when you shook the boat a little too much and tipped us both in the water. We laughed and laughed after that. One morning we were collecting flat river stones. I was showing you how to skip rocks, and more importantly which rocks you could skip. I collected a few, which are in the box you are holding. I held one up to you and showed you how smooth it was. You said that it must have taken forever to get that smooth. I looked at you and said, “ Flat river rocks are like people Ally, the rocks that wait in solitude the longest, is the ones worth skipping in the end. You and me? We are flat river rocks. We have waited so long, and now.. well gods picking us from the cold lonely waters and is giving us the skip we have been waiting for.” You were speechless, so you kissed me, that kiss lasted forever. I can almost still feel the tingle on my lips, baby.

Love Dawson

Allison rolled the flat rocks in her hand and felt the engraved names of Ally and Dawson upon two of them. She brought the rock to her lips and felt the cold stone. She slipped the stone into her pocket and began her walk back, feeling the tingle on her lips that Dawson was talking about.

Ally, this is where I asked you the most important question that every man fears to ask, but longs to know the answer. We stood under the gazebo, Christmas lights of red and green twinkled around us, and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas echoed in the background. The snow fluttered down like pieces of icy cotton torn from the clouds. The steam off your hot chocolate mixed with the steam of your breath. Sleigh bells jingled as I pulled out a small box. I got down on one knee and said “ Ally, no words could explain how I feel about you. God himself could be the only person who knows why I deserve as much as perfection as you. From the first time that I met you I knew you were the one. Your beauty matches none others and your morals are that of a saint. I want you forever. When I told you that you were my future I meant it. Its time we started our Great Skip. Just us, two flat river stones that waited forever to meet. Ally Ill lead you through this life through all the trails and pains. If you promise to follow. Allison, Will you marry me?” by the second sentence your gloves were already covering your mouth. When I opened the box you gasped. My throat tightened as I awaited your answer. YES!! You screamed and I slid the ring on, and then jumped up to kiss you, tasting your peppermint chap stick, smiling against your lips. At that moment Ally, you kissed the most happiest man in the world.

Love Dawson
Allison let a tear shed as she stood in the same place that she was popped the question. She smiled recalling how surprised she had been. She walked back to her car to drive home, to her last note for the day. For some reason she was dreading the last note today.

Allison pulled into her driveway and found a note on her doorstep. She unfolded this one just like the others and began to read.

Ally, after our wedding I drove you home, and carried you over the threshold of our new home. I sat you down and looked at you in your white dress. We both knew what was to come. I carried you into our bedroom and laid you upon the bed. I kissed you, passionately. I slid the zipper of you dress down slowly. I kissed every inch of bare skin that was being revealed. My lips trailed right behind the zipper. I then pulled the shoulders of your dress and let it fall. Standing in your panties i suddenly felt awkward. You kissed me reassuringly and I continued to lay soft butterfly kissed upon your body, your neck to your shoulders, to your chest, down your belly, and to your legs. That night we made love for the first time. We were married, and no longer virgins. Our waiting paid off. No regrets. We looked into each other’s eyes as we became one. Your beautiful brown eyes connected with gray in the darkness. They glimmered with passion as you softy moaned my name. We were starting our lives together. That night we sealed our marriage, we made love, and it was that night that our little Kyle first started. When he was born, I thought I fell in love all over again. I held a blessing from god in my arms the day Kyle was brought into this world, and I held your hand the whole time. We became a family. Everything was perfect…. Then our luck changed. Ally, tomorrow will end all of this, no more letters, no more surprises. Take Kyle with you to the place we were married. The place that made us one, and the place that tore us apart. I’ll meet you there I love you Ally

Love Dawson

Allison swallowed the lump in her throat. Somehow she knew it would lead to this, it was inevitable. She couldn’t pretend it didn’t happen, no matter how much she wanted to. She fell onto her bed. Pushing her face into the pillow she screamed in sorrow. Her tears soaked the pillow as she cried more than she had ever before. She silently cried herself to sleep, awaiting old wounds to reopen in the morning.

Allison woke up, her eyes sore and red from countless tears invading her eyes. She showered and got dressed with an unexpected sadness. She drank some coffee and then left to pick up Kyle from his friends.

“Mommy,” he squealed and ran and wrapped his arms around her legs. “I missed you!”

“I missed you too pumpkin. We are going somewhere special. We are going to see Daddy,” Allison said wearily.
Kyle climbed into the car and Allison buckled him up. She got in the driver’s seat and began her journey.

She arrived at the plantation house in two hours. She would’ve arrived sooner if Kyle hadn’t have gotten fussy and hungry, but kids will be kids. Allison parked along the white picket fence and unbuckled Kyle. She looked into the distance and saw the huge white plantation house. Its chipped white paint gave it a beautiful look along with a wraparound porch. She took Kyle’s hand and walked toward a large oak tree. Its leaves casted shadows, the wind made them dance like millions of fluttering wings. Two ropes joined together by a piece of wood were made into a swing, hanging from a large branch. Kyle pointed and Allison nodded, pleading him to be careful. A small gray headstone was positioned under the large oak. A man in a suit stood behind the stone, hands in his pockets. Allison was surprised by his presence as the man handed her a final letter. With tears already burning her eyes she began to read.

To my Ally, This letter is too painful to write. Before I get into the serious stuff I want to talk about the wedding. Under this tree we were wedded on a crisp autumn day in September. Chairs were set up and decorations made. The ground was a palette of red, orange, and yellow leaves. The smell of fall leaves rose up in the air as you walked toward me down the aisle. We traded vows and slid our wedding rings on. When you said “I Do” I was changed. I was changed into a husband and you to a wife. We would never be the same. This plantation was where you wanted our wedding to be. You told me that you wished you could live here, in the house forever. I wanted to give you that, but it was impossible after what hit us. Ally, when I was diagnosed with cancer, we all were devastated. I knew I was going to die; it’s something every human knows, just like a bird knows how to fly south for the frosty winter. When you thought I was sleeping during the day, I would sneak to my study and plan this. I wrote letter after letter, note after note. I called friends, I made reservations, and I emptied my savings. I couldn’t leave you without leaving something behind Ally. Mac helped with the first letter. He knew your routine just like I did. The babysitter helped with the things at your home like leaving the rose and note, the package, etc. I reserved the dinner shortly before I wrote the final letters. Michael helped also, with the letter. My old apartment was in the hands of an old friend, as was your old home. The backyard was tricky, I had to know you would be gone a long time, so I had you dinner that night. Mac, a couple friends, the babysitter, my brother, and even Little Kyle had planned it. This was not easy to accomplish, but it was for you my love. I wish I could be there with you under the tree, at my grave. Thank my brother for meeting you here with the last letter will ya baby? This place binds us, and tears us apart. It is here under this tree that we were wedded until death do us part, and now you find yourself standing alone. Life has a funny way of playing things out baby, but its all god’s will. Some of the flat river stones skip longer than others. It’s a shame you are skipping longer than me Ally but I’m glad it’s you and not me. We are one soul living in two bodies Ally. We will love each other forever. I hope you find another man. You deserve to be held, kissed, and loved. Promise me you’ll find someone else? Please I don’t want you to be lonely forever. I didn’t want to leave you like that. These letters are a goodbye, the goodbye that I never got to properly give you. I have one more surprise for you. Take Kyle and my brother down to the Plantation house. Read the letter on the door. I love you Ally, forever even in death we shall not part

Love Dawson

Allison wiped the tears from her eyes as Dawson’s brother took her in his arms. Allison regained strength and called for Kyle. The three of them walked toward the house in silence aside from Kyle’s humming. Allison stepped up onto the porch and took the letter from the door. She read it and gasped, looking at Kyle, and then Dawson’s brother as tears of joy rained down her face. It read:
Ally. It’s time to skip a new stone. The house is yours.

Forever and Always, Love Dawson

Three Years Later

Allison sat on the porch in the swing. The sun was at the highest point of the sky and the plantation house casted no shadow. The white, chipped paint had been painted over and all the cracks fixed. Allison smiled as Kyle hopped off the school bus and ran past her to his room upstairs. Allison stood up and walked inside the house. She yelled that supper would be ready soon as Kyle rummaged through his room. Allison looked out the window as the large oak tree in the distance and smiled. Three years ago her life had changed, more than changed. She looked at the fireplace. On the mantle above the big fireplace sat a box and two small stones. Ally smiled. She was still skipping, and those love letters were the ripples that started it all.

The End

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