A burglar alarm, a love note, and an untimely sneeze

July 15, 2013
By Mella PLATINUM, Natchitoches, Louisiana
Mella PLATINUM, Natchitoches, Louisiana
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Sometimes life has a funny way of saying, “ You can’t control me, I control you.” Okay, I know that may be a strange sentence, with the “ Life is what you make it, thing.” but come on, Hannah Montanna doesn’t know everything. I know I’m getting even stranger , but just listen:

My name is Jewel Waters, daughter of Melanie and Michael Waters- they’re extremely rich by the way, and I’m the wife of Chad Burns but I just refused to change my last name ( Jewel Burns? Ew!). So anyway, back to what I was saying; How do I put this? Oh yeah, Karma is a b*.

Here’s what happened:

I was sleeping soundly, wrapped in my husbands arms when all of a sudden I heard a loud crash of something sounding like glass breaking and then the house alarm went off. I jolted awake and scrambled out of my husband’s arms (who was still sleeping through the ridiculous noise.) and searched for something to protect myself with; finding nothing I unplugged the lamp and carefully and quietly tiptoed down the stairs, in search of the perpetrator. After searching the entire house and finding nothing but a note taped to a rock, and telling the house alarm lady that called the house phone that everything was fine; I shut the alarm off and cleaned up the glass, more than upset that I would have to pay for the broken window to be repaired tomorrow. I sat on the living room couch and turned on the lights to read the note, that had been taped to the rock. It read:

To my lover, Jewel;

You can’t get rid of me that easy. You think you can just decide to leave me after everything we’ve been through? I know about your husband, Jewel, I know he thinks you’re so perfect and faithful and loving but wait until he finds out how much of a lie that is. Does he know about our trip to Rio, or England, or Jamaica? How about that romantic night in Mexico? Or our feast in Rome? He doesn’t know about that does he? Business trips, I bet that’s what you told him. It was all a bunch of business trips. This is where I laugh, Jewel. Because you’re not getting away from me. Not like this. I thought you said you needed something to fill that empty of space of yours, that space your husband can’t fill. You can’t just decide whenever you want to stop and try to be faithful, it’s a little too late for that, my love. I’m not going to stop being with you, Jewel, wherever you go, I will be there; wherever you hide, I will find you. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out of the darkness. Stop lying to those who love you, Jewel. I know you, I’ve seen you, ( on the inside and out), stop running , Jewel, because I WILL catch you.


your handsome lover.

I could only stare at the note. Adrenaline and fear creeping its way up my spine and sending a creepy chill running down my back. I had to get rid of the note. I had to burn it. Remembering that the lighter was in my bedroom on my husband’s side, I tiptoed back up the stairs and into the bedroom, careful not to make too much noise- not that he would wake up anyway, if he slept through the house alarm, he could sleep through anything. I slowly pulled out the drawer grabbing the lighter, and that’s when I had to sneeze. I tried holding my breath and smoldering my nose into my arm to stop it, but I failed and the sneeze came out like a whisper. A whisper loud enough for Chad to hear. I watched in fear as Chad started to wake up and frozen in my spot, I just stared in disbelief that a quiet sneeze - not a house alarm, or a broken window, or even a telephone could wake him- but a sneeze. “ Melanie, why aren’t you in bed?” Chad questioned, looking at me curiously. I was never good at lying on the spot so I just mentally face palmed myself as I stood there dumbfounded with the evidence of my betrayal and the weapon I was going to use to destroy it burning in my hands. Chad looked down from my eyes to my hands, making my heart do a backflip of fear. “ What’s that?” he asked reaching for the paper in my hand. “ N-Nothing” I stuttered, trying and failing to snatch the paper away as he started to read it. I watched as the emotions flickered through his face like a movie and with each one I wished I could just drop dead right at that moment : confusion, pain, betrayal, and then anger. I swallowed , my throat dry with fear as Chad burned holes into my eyes with his piercing stare.I trembled and diverted my eyes to the floor, refusing to look Chad in the eyes. I was wrong. I was unfaithful. I was busted.

“ That’s what you were going to use to get rid of it?” he growled through gritted teeth, directing his eyes to the lighter in my hand. I dropped the lighter onto the floor like his eyes had set it on fire, and I swallowed with fear yet again. “ Chad , I--” I started but was cut off by my very angry, husband. “ How could you?!” he yelled and I flinched, I knew he would never hit me but I still backed away into the wall and out of his reach in case he decided to try anything. “I-”

“ Shut up!” he roared, interrupting me. I stared in disbelief , purely terrified that he would talk to me that way. Chad was more of a gentle, kind soul that barely raised his voice and yet I did the one thing that could make him yell like that; I broke his heart.

“ We were married for nine years and not once could I fill your heart with love?” Chad’s voice said in an icy whisper of pure pain, I couldn’t help but think of how he was selective at everything , only focusing on the points that mattered to him, “ how long was this going on?” he demanded, his voice turning back into a heart shattering roar. “Th-three years” I stuttered, my heart breaking as I revealed the truth and then I felt it twist as I realized what he had said, “ Wait.. what do you mean ‘were’?” I questioned, my body shaking. “ It means you are no longer my wife!” he spat marching to the closet and snatching my clothes and stomping downstairs. I ran after him, tears pouring out of my eyes as I grabbed his arm. My heart shattered into a million pieces when he snatched it away and continued walking towards the front door, ignoring the glass palpably visible on the living room floor. “ Chad, but I left him. I realized my wrong and left him for you. I couldn’t stand the thought of doing this to you anymore. Please, Chad, don’t do what I think you are doing. Please!” I begged through tears, trying to step in front the door to stop him from snatching it open. “ Was that before or after he succeeded in getting you pregnant?” he stopped and glared at me. I just stared, frozen and pale, not knowing how to answer the question. Chad and I had been trying for years to have a kid, and when I finally was pregnant he was ecstatic... the only problem was: the baby wasn’t his.

“ What?” I asked playing stupid, and his voiced turned deep shade of red. “ Don’t play dumb with me, Jewel, when was your trip to Rome?” he asked. I gulped and tried to find my voice. “ Three weeks ago.” I managed to say, and stared at the floor. “ How far along are you?” he questioned. “ Three weeks.” I mumbled and looked at the floor, my heart sinking lower into my chest. “ When was the last time we had sex?” he questioned further, “ Four weeks.” I said guiltily as my heart finally leapt out of my chest and crashed to the floor. “ I can’t believe I hadn’t suspected anything.” he muttered to himself. I slid down the door onto the floor and cried even more.

“ Chad.. Please, I’m sorry. I love you.” I cried as he stared at me with hate. He grabbed me by my arm and snatched the door open, pushing me out and onto my behind. I felt clothes fall onto me as I buried my hands into my face as I heard, “ Tell it to ‘ your handsome lover’” he spat and slammed the door. I cried even harder than I thought possible as he opened the door again to pull my wedding ring off my finger before marching back inside and slamming the door once again and locking it. I thought about my ‘handsome lover’ with regret and hate as I sat on behind, in the middle of the night, with nowhere to go and a pile of clothes in my lap. I screamed in fury and frustration as I thought of the letter he threw through my window, taped to a rock. “ He could’ve just sent a text message.” I muttered to myself and cried some more.

The author's comments:
This was a project for creative writing involving: A burglar alarm, a love note, and an untimely sneeze; let's just say I got a little carried away :P

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