Alice in Wonderlessland

July 7, 2013
By Wonder_land BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Wonder_land BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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She fell, trying to clutch at the air. Trying to keep her thoughts about her. She felt like Alice, falling into a Wonderland that was less than wonderful.

She hit the ground hard, her breath was gone. But she was still alive, heart still beating. She opened her eyes to the empty darkness before her. With her dark hair and her dress sprawled around her, she sat up.

“Is anyone there?” She called, her voice echoing across the rocky walls. “Can anyone hear me?” But no answered. No one ever did. No one ever took the time to listen. “Will anybody help me?” The tears fell, hitting the ground like rain did when the sky was sad. She stood up, clutching at the wall.

The dark hole brightened a bit, and out stepped her brother, a man of sturdy build.

“Will you help me?” She asked, her voice startlingly quiet, no longer echoing.

“What will you give me in return?” The brother replied.

“I have nothing to give yet,” she said. The brother snorted and a blonde girl entered next to him.

“Will you help me?” The dark haired girl asked the blonde one.

“I’m a bit preoccupied at the moment,” the blonde one said, taking the brother’s hand, and the couple disappeared.

The dark haired girl slumped against the wall, tears threatening to fall again. Why would none help her? Why did he want something in return?

An middle-aged couple entered, dancing, laughing and talking to each other. The girl asked and asked, but they ignored her, fading into the rocky wall.

The darkness became stifling, and her sanity was quickly disappearing. She put her hand next to her, and found a smooth surface. A story. She put it down after reading it, and cried again. Why did they deserve a happy ending? Why didn’t she deserve one herself?

“Can none help me?” She cried, screaming at the white moon above her. “Will anyone help me?”

Someone took her hand, pulling her over to the hidden ladder. “I will help you. And I ask for nothing in return,” he said, helping her out of the hole. Out of the threatening darkness. And back into light and happiness.

“You helped me when no one else would. I owe you my life. At least give me your name,” the dark haired girl pleaded with him.

“Dante,” he said, offering her his arm.

“Tally,” she said, giving him her hand and her heart.

The author's comments:
This is a short story about a girl who was all alone until someone decided to help her selflessly.

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