Heart of Glass

June 18, 2013
A heart is like a breaking wine glass. That moment right before it hits the ground, it slows down, right before it smashes into pieces. That moment is the moment you know that something is going to happen, when time slows down until you finally see it, or hear it, that thing that smashes your heart into tiny pieces. It may have been inevitable, like the floor was, or maybe it’s in reverse and the glass is flying and then hits the ceiling. And then the glass is broken. Smashed to pieces. Sharp and dangerous and seemingly beyond repair. But the right person can come along, with the right protection tools and skills, and sweep up the shards, heat it up, and remold it. Just as the right person can find a broken heart, be careful with it when it is sharp, scoop together the pieces with kind words, heat it with love, and reshape it back into a heart with their love and words and hope and laughter, right along with the owner of the broken heart, until it is whole again and ready to serve its purpose again – to love.

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