Waddle Waddle Penguin. Part One

July 5, 2013
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I couldn’t think of anyone better to be falling for. He was perfect. But it wasn’t his good looks or charm that got us talking, well, not at the very beginning, if it wasn’t for our project he would have remained a name I knew and a face I recognised. Nothing more and nothing less. But faith or destiny or whatever it is came barging threw the door demanding our exchanging of hearts. I mean hey, I was cool with the thought of potentially being with the hottest guy in school. No biggie.

Admittedly, I was s*** scared; he was well known for being a ladies man, to put it politely. I’d been with players before and like any clichéd player story, it ended badly. If we are being honest here I had a gut feeling that things would end exactly the same but as J.K Rowling once said “Humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are the worst for them”. If only I had stalked J.K Rowling rather than Tom Felton. Oh how he is a sexy god. Speaking of sex gods, back to my man…

It was the last project meeting for the term and I had had feelings for him for about 3 weeks by now and it was more than excited when he actually spoke to me. It wasn’t anything cute or adorable so I shunt bore you with the details. So we were doing our usual boring project stuff, with the filming and cringing at the sight of ourselves on film and to my absolute joy (HORROR) we were getting interviewed. Crap. And who should do the filming? Yep, hottie mc hottie. At first my upchuck reflex almost got the best of me but secondly my wild, teenage mind began its usual crazy trial. Vague images of him in his tight white shirt, while it pours down rain causing his shirt to be see through, revealing his stone white body, fragile yet masculine. Sometimes I think these thoughts should just stay as thoughts, rather than publishing them but as all twelvies say “#YOLO”.

With twelve year old s***s as my inspiration I followed the slogan of YOLO in the sense that I messaged him, oh Facebook how you resolve my socially awkward tendencies. Lucky for me attractive guys love socially awkward girls apparently it’s cute or something. Being the good girl that I am I am usually tucked up in bed by 10 o’clock (I know, I’m incredibly reckless) but on this particular night I was continuing to be twelvie inspired and stayed up until 1am talking.

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