Pyromaniac Confessions

June 5, 2013
By Kris10C SILVER, Haltom City, Texas
Kris10C SILVER, Haltom City, Texas
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Her heart sank with the realization of it. There was no real escape. Momentary diversions-yes. But his voice would always pulse in her heart, beat in her ear drum. What a foolish idea to think that maybe one day she would look into another's eyes and glimpse her own liquid-fire soul! Never.
It was enchanting the way he brushed away the past with the strand of plain brown hair from her cheek...the way he hugged her and found all the dreams that pulsed in her neck...the unspoken words that lingered on her tongue. He took her breathe away and replaced it with liquid nitrogen. It filled her lungs and coursed through her icy veins. At his whisper, fire ignited in her bones. She lit up like a flare, detonating the world around her. Tumbling...reeling past stars and galaxies.
Orbs of fire and light...they would less than a second to incinerate her.
But ages passed

before they warmed her heart.

She kept her promise to return.
The eruption had destroyed everything she ever knew.
There was nothing left of him but the memory.
A tingling in her fingertips.
The taste of fire on her tongue.

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