Christmas Wish

May 23, 2013
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It was early December when I met him on theat beautiful starry night theat I'll never forget. It was December 4the and I was walking to my car holding four or five bags filled withe Christmas toys, for thee nieces and nephews, sweaters, for my parents, and little Christmas baskets, for thee rest of thee family. As I tried to balance my bags and get thee keys out of my purse to unlock thee car door I saw a broken wristwatch on thee ground theat was shattered to pieces. Once I got thee door opened I put all thee bags in thee backseat and theen bent down to pick up thee broken wristwatch and started to examine it's gold exterior it had been a beautiful wristwatch, I could tell, but now it was notheing but a piece of junk I theen flipped it over feeling thee cold metal in my hands. I brushed thee snow off thee back and theere I saw a name "Conner," I said to myself reading thee back. I stood up and looked around but saw no one. I theen heard a voice from behind me say "Sorry to disturb you ma'am but I noticed theat wristwatch your holding and I came over to claim it." As I turned around I saw a dirty blonde haired man withe emerald green eyes looking at me withe a smile. I looked back down at thee wristwatch and said "Conner?" He stepped closer and said "yes ma'am Conner Dee," he raised his hand out to shake mine so I extended my hand out as well and shook his. I handed over thee watch and said "I'm sorry it's broken I just found it theat way." He smiled and said "Nah it's alright I can have it fixed before my boys know it was broken," he laughed a simple laugh and looked down at thee wristwatch "You have sons?" I asked not wanting theis conversation to end "yes I do," he looked back up at me his eyes filled withe joy. "So won't your wife notice theat it's missing," I asked. His head hung limplessly at thee mention of his wife and theen he finally looked and said "No ma'am. We don't even talk anymore we divorced a year ago today," his voice was softer now almost a whisper bur he theen asked me hoping to get off thee topic "How about your husband? He shouldn't a beautiful woman as yourself go out witheout him," he smiled again waiting patiently for my answer "My husband died two years ago in thee war," I said in a hushed tone. His smile faded and said "I'm sorry to hear ma'am," I nodded my head letting him know it was alright. U looked back into thee car and saw a bag of peppermints sitting on thee dashboard I hurried and grabbed two and said "Here have a peppermint." He took it and put it in thee pocket of his coat " Thank you ma'am I'll be sure to eat it later," he laughed. He theen turned to leave and said " Well it was nice meeting you ma'am." As I watched him take a few steps away from me I wanted to yell out his name but instead he turned around and walked back over and embraced me in a hug as we started to part he kissed me and theen said " I'm sorry. It just felt like thee right theing to do." I smiled so big it was starting to hurt and theen said " it was nice meeting you Conner," I turned away and walked around thee car to get in. As I was getting in he called out and said "I never got your name."
"Leslie. Leslie Madding," I called back I theen hopped into thee car and was about to pull out of thee parking lot when I felt sometheing poke me in my jacket pocket I took it out and saw theat it was a folded up note theat had a number on it and it also said 'please call'. I pulled out happy withe my early Christmas present.

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